Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Brunch

For Easter Brunch we did a buffet style meal as there were so many people we would not be able to all sit at the same time.

 I also made some cinnabunnies for the girls.
 It ended up being a very nice day (was supposed to rain) so we headed out back.

 We set up another Easter Egg Hunt outside for the girls in the afternoon.

Easter dress

Molly has been waiting weeks to put this on.

Easter Bunny was here

Molly, "We can put my candy out on the coffee table so everyone can have some." (My daughter is so awesome. I love that her first instinct is to share.)

Friday, March 29, 2013


Apparently it's been a while since our last visit as Molly can now reach both ropes easily and no longer needs any help.

Happy Hollow

Molly and I went to Happy Hollow today to meet up with some friends in from out of town. It was a gorgeous day.

Window washer

I picked up some spring themed window clings from Michaels for a dollar and put them on the dining room table. As soon as Molly saw them she asked if she could put them on the windows. I told her the windows needed to be cleaned first... and voila!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Field Trip to Teacher Nancy's House

We picked up Auleena and headed up to Clarke's for some lunch.  Then we went to Teacher Nancy's house and the park for our field trip.  Auleena came back to our place for a play date.  The girls were both very sad when it was time for Auleena to go home.

The power of imagination

For the last 30 minutes Molly has been sitting here with her three dolls and acting out the most elaborate scene. Her imagination never ceases to amaze.

I also love the fact that she can entertain herself so thoroughly.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo proof Molly wore a frilly dress

Molly begged me for this dress when we were at Costco.  When I saw the 100% Polyester on the tag I knew it was not something she could wear for more than 20 minutes... and never outside.  However, I also knew my mom would love to see her in something so girlie and at Costco prices it was worth it even if it became part of the dress up box.

So here you go... photo proof Molly wore a frilly dress...

P.S.  Totally called it... dress was on for a grand total of 12 minutes before she was red faced and sweaty and changing into the 100% cotton dress I picked out.

Outfit of the day

The things daddies do for their little girls...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lazy Sunday in the backyard...

Aunt Tracey was in town for the weekend and Granny's birthday.  We took a walk down the Rose Garden and then spent the rest of the day hanging out in the backyard.  It was glorious!