Friday, February 29, 2008

pics 02/25 to 02/29/2008

Greetings from Tahoe

We drove up to Tahoe yesterday for another long weekend. Gotta love N and his ability to work remote. The driveway still had a good amount of snow on it from the last time we were up. N had shoveled a pathway and enough room to park the Yukon just off the street, but we came up this weekend with Bree, Jon, and Logan so we had to fit two cars in the driveway. Since the snow was so compacted from the warmer weather and melting down a bit during the day it took some serious muscle, but the guys got it done. Then N spent the rest of the night into the wee hours doing a work maintenance.

Today was a mellow day around the cabin. Hit the store for some groceries and have just been hanging out. My right wrist has been bothering me a bit even though I keep it in the new wrist guard/brace the doc ordered for me. This one basically keeps my right thumb immobile since the tendon running down my thumb is the culprit. Little hard to do stuff such as changing diapers and getting Molly into feeding positions, but I'm really hoping I don't have to get a hard cast so I'm keeping it on as much as possible. Molly actually seems pretty interested in all the velcro straps. Too bad her diapers also like getting stuck to those same straps.

Molly still loves to stand, but when I can get her to sit she can hold herself upright for a minute or two. If her head goes forward she tends to do an immediate face plant since such a large percentage of her weight is in her noggin. She seems to be doing pretty good balancing herself from side to side, but when she starts going backwards she'll get distracted with her feet and forget to balance herself. Also, when she's standing she tends to plant her feet (heel down and not just on tippy toes). When she keeps her feet to close together she'll be a bit wobbly, but if she gets them shoulder width apart she's pretty solid. She's also now putting all of her weight on one foot and moving the other foot forward and sometimes backwards. I feel for the dogs when she figures out how to get mobile.

Monday, February 25, 2008

first solid food

Last night we gave Molly her first dose of solid food. Well, as solid as you can get for an introductory food. It was rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Yummy. I'd guesstimate only 10% actually got all the way in, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. Molly was super excited about it too. She kept trying to make a nose dive into the dish so she could get more. In a shocking turn of events she's a good eater. N took a video of it all, but as you see from his post he left on a business trip today so it will be a while before we have that up here.

I also went to the doc today to see about my right wrist. It started bugging me back in my last trimester when I realized I was putting all my weight on my right hand in order to roll over in bed. I wore a wrist guard for a bit, but have been lazy about that since Miss Molly arrived. It started acting up again after I went back to Muay Thai. For some strange reasons power punches on the heavy bags caused problems. Doc thinks I have a serious case of tendonitis. He had me get a series of detailed hand xrays to make sure nothing is broken. He also ordered me a stronger wrist guard with more support around the thumb and reinforced with a steel bar so I won't put as much strain on my wrist. I go back in 10 days to make sure it's not getting worse. He's already threatened me with a hard cast if I'm not healing. Orders were to give it rest and keep weight off it.... ok... Molly will totally take care of herself now... yeah... right.

pics 02/20 to 02/25/2008

Daddy going bye bye

... Off to east coast on a fancy Virgin America jet. Miss you already
miss Molly!!!! Loveyou!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

pics 02/19/2008

Had a little mommies group get together at our place tonight. Pics above are of (left to right) Robert (6 months, born August 11th), Molly (4 months, born October 12th), Emily (3 and a half months, born November 3rd), and Logan (2 months, born December 10th). Went a little crazy with the pics, but wanted to get them up while Molly was in a milk induced coma. I had a hard time getting the red eye out with iPhoto. I'll see if I can convince N to clean them up with Aperture.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

pics 02/10 to 02/17/2008

busy week

On Monday we drove back from Tahoe (always a sad thing) and got in a little late. On Tuesday Miss Molly had her 4 month checkup and 4 shots (poor girl). She was pretty angry when she was actually getting the shots, but seemed completely fine afterwards. We went out to Stacks for a late breakfast and she crashed out on the drive home. She woke up screaming about two hours later and we gave her some tylenol. Next time I think we're going to do that before hand. Doc said to only give it to her as needed, but the last two times she has konked out and woken up screaming so I think a little preemptive measure is the right idea.

N already posted all of Molly's stats. She's doing great on everything. Her motor skills are where they need to be to start in on some solids. Rice cereal to start and then on to veggies and fruits. Doc said since her weight is so good with just the breast milk we can hold off for another couple of weeks if we want. Main reasons to introduce rice cereal is to get your little one to sleep through the night or to supplement if your supply isn't keeping up. We're doing great on both fronts so I think we're going to hold off for a bit.

On Wednesday we headed down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium so Molly could see the all of the fishies! We had gone up to Hiro Sushi for all you can eat on Sunday to meet up with Nicole and Molly was very into their salt water tank. At first I thought the huge tanks might be a little overwhelming for Miss Molly, but as soon as a shiny fish went by her eyes followed it. We had several grandparents come up and tell us how well she was following and tracking things inside the tank and then I overheard more than one exclaim they should take their grandchild there. I should start up a referral program and see if I can score some free passes. After the aquarium we headed over to granny and grandpa Marsh's for dinner.

On Thursday we drove up to Mill Valley (other side of the Golden Gate) for Sadie's surgical consult. She has completely torn her left cruciate ligament (in her knee) and it looks like her right one has a partial tear. So we're going to schedule surgery on the left and then let her heal (8-10 weeks) and then see if she starts favoring her right. We want to get both knees done before she gets much older, but don't want them to be back to back. Since her left is by far the worse side she's been compensating with her right. Her muscles are visibly bigger on that side. This surgery is very common and once she's healed she can resume normal activity. Doc thinks that once her left side is no longer causing her pain she might start favoring her right since it's also damaged. Poor girl. I hate to think how long she's been living in pain thinking it's normal.

Friday was such a beautiful day we headed over Bree and Logan's for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Either spring has arrived early or global warming is getting the best of us because I was rather warm in just my t-shirt and jeans. Molly was hidden away in her stroller under both canopies, but the fresh air and motion was still able to knock her out. That night we met up with Julie and Jeff in Los Gatos for dinner. The first place we were going to try (Mediterranean place) didn't have a single soul inside so we decided to keep walking and ended up at a very yummy Vietnamese place. Unfortunately they either have new management or we just got a green employee because I was the only one to receive what I ordered. After a couple corrections everyone ended up enjoying what they got, even if it wasn't what they had originally intended on having.

Yesterday we headed up to the city (that's San Francisco for those of you not in the area) with Amy and Dustin who were in town for the weekend. Molly did great. Amy was able to get some shopping in while the boys picked up some highly necessary gear at a closing sale at some tech store. After the shopping we met up with some of Amy's friends and headed to Johnny Foley's Irish House for some beers and food. There were a couple other folks in there with strollers before you give me too much grief. Molly was konked out and slept through the entire meal. After our bill came my boobs gave me the signal they needed some relief so N and I headed to the family lounge at the near by mall. Unfortunately we had to wake Molly up, but momma needed some relief! Molly was awake for most of the ride home and was definitely ready to get out of her car seat. She was a little over stimulated last night, but not too fussy. Some boob time knocked her out. Gotta love the power of the boob.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sadies bad knees.

We're in Mill Valley at a special ortho-vet. Sadie is happy for
now... I think she hasn't realized we're at a veterinary clinic.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

4 shots at 4 months... Sucks 4 sure.

I'm 26.5" long, 43.5cm around the noggin, and 17lbs 1oz. I'm 95 percentile on weight, 97 percentile on height and head. Now mommy and daddy are having breakfast at Stacks while I decide how to punish them for letting the nurse stick 4 needles in me.

Four months.

I weight 17 lbs 1 oz.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

pics 02/06 to 02/09/2008

Greetings from Tahoe

It's been gorgeous up here these last few days. We arrived to lots of new snow, but the roads are nice and clear. Poor N spent hours snow plowing the driveway when we arrived and was still only able to make a pathway and enough of a dent to park the Yukon just off the street. The snow had been wet so it was very compacted and thus very hard to plow. It was waist high for most of the driveway, but sloped up to neck high on one side. N's been more than a little sore with all the shoveling he had to do. The staircase at the back of the garage leading up to the cabin was also covered in snow. N also had to dig out stairs on the side yard so the dogs would have some place to pee. When I'm standing out there with them my feet are about level with the bottom of the bedroom windows. The snow on the front deck is about 2/3 of the way up the kitchen window at it's high point. Lots of the street signs and stop signs are either partially buried or completely hidden. The temps have been creeping up into the 40's during the day which is just causing the snow to melt and compact even more.

We did a walk around the neighborhood yesterday with Molly (in her snow suit) and the dogs. Construction is still underway and several homes have already been completed. The snow definitely highlights how open everything is now. We need to get poor Molly some sunglasses since everything was so bright.

N took lots of pics so hopefully he'll be able to post a new gallery soon. I took some on my camera to tide you over.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

follow up doc visit

We went back to the doctor's today to make sure Molly's cold didn't turn into anything worse and everything checked out ok. She's all better now and has the all clear to hang out with all of her friends again. Which turned out to be a good thing because we then headed to diaper day at the movies to meet up with Auntie Bree and cousin Logan. Diaper Days is put on at one of the local theatres with the intention of bringing your little one to the movies with you. They leave the lights on low and turn the volume down so it's kid friendly. There's a place to park your stroller in the lobby and you can bring car seats or carriers in with you. It worked out great. We were able to see Juno (which is one I've been wanting to see for a while). Molly was a little fussy as I tried to get her into the right position for some boob time, but once she had her fill she passed out for most of the movie.

N and I also had a lovely date night last night. We saw the latest Cirque du Soleil traveling performance Kooza under the big tent. We love all Cirque shows and this was no exception. I picked up a crazy color soft rattle for Molly in the gift shop and she loves it. It should also be noted that she tends to hold it in her left hand. I know her dad's hoping she's a southpaw just like him. Granny and Grandpa Marsh had a great time watching her. Molly has recently become acutely aware of her tongue and entertained her grandparents all evening by constantly sticking it out at them.

We're heading up to Tahoe again tonight for another long weekend. It's been snowing a lot since our last visit. Should be a good time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Molly's favorite thing to do these last few weeks is stand. I have been holding on to her hands so she can pull herself up into a sitting position since she tends to just put her head down during tummy time. Lately she skips right over the sitting part and immediately pushes herself into a standing position. It's getting harder and harder to put her in her car seat or swing chair because she refuses to bend. She wants to stand and there's no changing her mind. Such a stubborn little one. She must get that from her father.

She's also getting louder and louder with her "talking". Another trait from her father's side I presume. I swear she is making me deaf since she tends to scream right in my ear when I'm carrying her. I can't hear anything these days.

Her cold has mostly subsided, but I still catch her pulling on her ear. She hasn't really coughed these last few days other than when eating if she gets too much at once. I think I am overly sensitive to the ear pulling since I had horrible ear aches when I was a kid. We see the doc again on Wednesday for a follow up to make sure everything is ok. Then we head back next week on the 12th for her 4 month checkup. Crazy!

Molly is constantly chewing on her fingers. Gnawing is probably a more appropriate term. She'll also gnaw on your fingers if given half a chance. So far no teeth have appeared. Frankly I think that's a good thing. I can't imagine she'll be getting much boob time once those start breaking through... and she loves her boob time. She's been pretty good about not chewing on me, but now that's she so much more aware of her surroundings she tends to get a little distracted when feeding. I sometimes have to hold her head into position so she won't jerk it around to look at something and take me with her! Side feeding has been great for this since she can't really look anywhere but at me. It's also great for those nights I'm really tired (especially after Muay Thai). I can just take her to bed with me and we'll both fall asleep. Then N comes along and moves Molly to her room. Very convenient.

pics 02/04/2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nom'n my fingers.... Nom nom nom

We can has cheezcake factry! (sorry, I like lolcats)