Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Molly's favorite thing to do these last few weeks is stand. I have been holding on to her hands so she can pull herself up into a sitting position since she tends to just put her head down during tummy time. Lately she skips right over the sitting part and immediately pushes herself into a standing position. It's getting harder and harder to put her in her car seat or swing chair because she refuses to bend. She wants to stand and there's no changing her mind. Such a stubborn little one. She must get that from her father.

She's also getting louder and louder with her "talking". Another trait from her father's side I presume. I swear she is making me deaf since she tends to scream right in my ear when I'm carrying her. I can't hear anything these days.

Her cold has mostly subsided, but I still catch her pulling on her ear. She hasn't really coughed these last few days other than when eating if she gets too much at once. I think I am overly sensitive to the ear pulling since I had horrible ear aches when I was a kid. We see the doc again on Wednesday for a follow up to make sure everything is ok. Then we head back next week on the 12th for her 4 month checkup. Crazy!

Molly is constantly chewing on her fingers. Gnawing is probably a more appropriate term. She'll also gnaw on your fingers if given half a chance. So far no teeth have appeared. Frankly I think that's a good thing. I can't imagine she'll be getting much boob time once those start breaking through... and she loves her boob time. She's been pretty good about not chewing on me, but now that's she so much more aware of her surroundings she tends to get a little distracted when feeding. I sometimes have to hold her head into position so she won't jerk it around to look at something and take me with her! Side feeding has been great for this since she can't really look anywhere but at me. It's also great for those nights I'm really tired (especially after Muay Thai). I can just take her to bed with me and we'll both fall asleep. Then N comes along and moves Molly to her room. Very convenient.

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