Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maui, day eight


Granny Marsh gave me two envelopes before we left (weeks before) and they had Halloween cards inside plus a little spending money.  The girls were super stoked on just the card… super duper stoked when they realized they had some spending money.

We hit the pool for a bit before heading down to Lahaina for a late lunch at the Cool Cat Cafe.  I was told this was the start of the Halloween parade, but it actually ended up being the end of the parade.  So we went against the flow of traffic on our way back to the car.  The girls were still able to trick or treat a bit and got their fix without having a ton of candy to deal with.

Molly's favorite part of Halloween is actually handing out the candy at home so we stopped by the store and picked up two bags on our way back to the hotel.  The girls handed candy out to hotel staff and guests.  Several people were a little confused at first that the girls wanted to GIVE them candy, but once they realized their intention they were super stoked.  Molly gave her last Kit Kat to the guy manning the grill at the pool side bar and she was handed a King Size Butterfinger in return.  Karma rules!

Carina and I had a little late night pool time with the girls while the guys did a little night snorkeling.  Chris was able to see bioluminescence for the first time and was very excited!

Here are some pics from the day:

All dressed up and ready to go!

Molly's solution to stairs...

Aww!  Cuteness!

I knew it was going to be hot, but I wanted to get something for N and I to dress in.  Superhero shirts with capes!

A little art time before the parade…

Pit stop at Ululani's...

Making friends…

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Maui, day seven

Everyone headed down to the breakfast buffet this morning (it's our routine after all).  Then it was more spa time for the moms.  The dads hit the beach and pool with the girls and the moms got nice and pampered.  It was glorious!

N and I had made a dinner reservation at Roy's but I think he got too much sun.  He crawled into bed and we ended up getting room service with the Sneeds in their room.  Let's just say their "molten lava cake" was not the same.

Molly was gifted a boogie board and was itching to try it out:

Island nap time!

It actually rained a bit today… broke the humidity and made for some awesome rainbows.  No worries on the island baby!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maui, day six

The dads got up early to snorkel so Carina and I decided to order room service for breakfast.  The girls were able to hang out a bit longer in their pjs and have a mellow morning.  When the dad's got back from snorkeling they headed over to the breakfast buffet.  The moms took the girls down to Lahaina for some shopping while the guys had a man day of jet skiing and parasailing.  We met back at the hotel and had a little down time.

Then we headed out for the Old Lahaina Luau.  A ton of food and drinks and some amazing sunset views.  It did rain on us pretty hard towards the end of dinner, but it felt nice.  They handed out ponchos, but I used mine to keep my purse dry.  The rain only lasted 20 minutes or so and then it was over.   When it was time for the show to start our waiter moved us down to the grass area on some pillows.  Molly got up and danced for part of the show.  It was a great time.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Maui, day five

Another morning, another breakfast buffet…

Molly: "Ok, let's go swimming now!"

We were actually able to convince Molly to walk down to the Whaler's Village for some shopping instead.  Carina wanted to get coconut purses for the girls and I wanted to get Molly some new flip flops as her current ones were falling apart.  We took these pics on the way there:

It's called Whaler's Village

I can't get Molly to wear socks IN winter IN Tahoe when it's SNOWING outside, but she does so of her own volition in freakin' Maui?!?!

Then it was back to the hotel for some more snorkeling, beach, and pool time.  Not a bad rut to be in.  We walked back down to Whaler's Village and went to Hula Grill for dinner.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Maui, day four

I tested out my new fins and had some snorkel time around Black Rock.  The best snorkel spot on the island is in front of our hotel… very convenient.  I saw a turtle and some spotted rays… also, a TON of fish.  It was heavenly.  The guys had gone out first and they headed to the breakfast buffet while Carina ordered room service for the girls (who wanted to stay in the room and hang out).  Afterwards the dads took the girls to the beach and pool while the moms grabbed a quick lunch before some spa time.

Molly mastered the art of body surfing and had a great time.  Nathan was exhausted.  We all had some down time in the room… naps may have happened.  I did a beer and poke run while everyone else caught the tiki torch lighting ceremony.  It was an early night as everyone was exhausted from all the swimming.

That's a whole lotta Mochi…

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Maui, day three

We hit the breakfast buffet and then it was pool and beach time.  Molly started to figure out the waves.  We even swam with a sea turtle!  We had lunch at the pool and then some down time in the rooms (mainly for the parents, not the kids).  We headed out for an early dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Afterwards I bought a new pair of fins and we stopped for some shave ice at Ululani's.

Molly:  "You can take one picture."

"Ok, two pictures."

View from 8th floor of hotel.

View from our floor (4th) right by elevators.

Little down time at the pool.

In a shocking turn of events N's on his phone…

My little island girl…

The view from dinner...

Post dinner walk…

Shave ice

Molly just got ice cream…

N was the only one that had room for shave ice.

Glass blower