Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Molly!

I can't believe Miss Molly is 6 years old.  Time flies…

Molly had a little Face Time this morning with Aunt Tracey.  I put her present aside when it arrived so she was able to open it while on the phone with Aunt Tracey.  They had a great little chat.

Then I ran off to pick up the bundtinis for the party while Molly and N had some hot tub time.  We actually got to Bounce-A-Rama earlier than I planned so Molly and N used some tokens before guests started to arrive.

Molly really wanted to invite her entire class and I thought *maybe* half would show… nope!  We ended up having 26 kids show up and a few even had their siblings in tow.  We hit max capacity for the room we rented and I had to shoo the parents outside while the kids loaded up on pizza and cake.  Everyone had a great time, but I don't think I stopped moving the entire time we were there.

After that we headed back home so Molly could open up her presents with family.  N was packing for his Athens trip and when he headed off for the airport the grandparents also left.  Temperence and Molly were having a great time playing so we got some Chinese and had dinner in.

All in all a very successful birthday!

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