Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maui, day one

Waiting for N to bring the rental car around:

Unfortunately there was no latch system in the third row and the seat belts did not lock.  So Carina and I had to sit in the way back while the girls' car seats were installed in the middle row.  With all of our suitcases the ride to the hotel was a little cramped.

It doesn't matter… we're here baby!!!

Gorgeous day.

Once we were all checked in and dropped off our luggage we immediately got into our suits and headed down to the beach.  Molly was enjoying the ocean until she was somersaulted by a wave.  She got over it pretty quick, but it was definitely time to head to the pool.

That night we went to Teppan Yaki Dan's for dinner.  With the time change the girls were starting to fade.  Molly made it through the meal, but Temperence passed out in Carina's arms.  They set up two chairs to make a little bed for her and she slept through the entire meal.  

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