Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tired puppies

Smooshy face Chai

Sadie, I'm so tired I don't even care that my ear is sticking straight up.

This should have been video because she was sawing some major logs!

Snowshoeing, day one

N took the dogs snowshoeing on Friday and Saturday (while it was overcast and snowing), but I decided to wait for my turn until Sunday when the forecast was for clear blue skies.

Our neighbors on the new property have taken to snowplowing our driveway for their snowmobile trailer.  Hey, nice easy packed down access to the trails as far as I'm concerned.

Stepped off trail and immediately sunk in to my knee.

Chai, attempting to do a crazy... powder was slowing her down.

Hey, burn that energy any way you see fit...

Sadie tends to stick to the nice packed down snowmobile trails.  

Look at how hard Chai is working... look at how hard Sadie is mocking her..

Have I mentioned Chai has an Uncle Daddy?

Ended up getting off trail to get away from snowmobiles and other dogs.  I sunk in almost up to my hip here:

Jack Frost

Thanks to Rise of the Guardians Molly is well aware of Jack Frost.  Every morning I'd pull up the blinds to see if Jack Frost visited us in the night.  Molly loved this little ritual. 

Giving a high five to Jack Frost:

Cleaning the windows after writing her name in the frost and other messages to Jack Frost.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Last year we completely missed seeing any snow as it was a pretty dry winter and we never managed to be up there while the white stuff was on the ground.  The year before that Molly tolerated standing in the snow for all of 5 minutes before demanding to be rescued and carried inside.  So this year we were curious if she was going to finally be interested in the stuff or still hate it.  I did get her to pick out a pair of snow boots that fit (Disney Princess snow boots to be exact) along with a snow jacket and snow bib.  The snow was coming down pretty steady when we were getting ready to go out to and early dinner.  I managed to get her in the snow boots and jacket, but she wouldn't even look at the snow bib.

Hard to tell from this pic, but big fat flakes were falling from the sky...

Oh, and N finally found his water bottle... it was frozen solid!

We ended up at Murphy's for a couple pints...

Molly was all gung ho to go outside and walk in the snow so they headed out while I got stuck paying the bill.  

Molly's idea of a snowball fight was to 1) have daddy make the snowball, 2) have daddy hand her the snowball, and 3) have daddy stand perfectly still while she threw the snowball at him.  Good daddy.

We got back to the cabin and tried to get her to wear the snow bib, but when we told her she couldn't roll up the pants she would have none of it.  She then proceeded to walk around our side yard sinking in snow up to her butt and laughing her ass off.  I finally told them to get inside and N proceeded to put her in a warm bath.

So yeah, apparently Molly likes snow now....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Roaring fire

N bought a "bonfire kit" at the store that was basically a hollowed out log with a wick.  Well, the wick blew out and fell into the log and the whole kit was basically used as kindling.  

N was still able to get a roaring fire going though...

It's chestnuts dear...

The loft is awesome!

Someone has discovered that the loft is awesome.  N actually cleared out a bunch of old computer equipment up there.   He also cleaned it really well once the bug guy came by to look at the droppings (carpenter ants).  So Molly was all about exploring every nook and cranny.  I think her favorite part was being up so high.  We did have to keep reminding her to NOT hang out at the top of the ladder, but for the most part she was good.  

Cutie pie

"Mommy!  Mommy!  Take my picture!"

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gorgeous Tahoe Day

The cabin got just a little snow...