Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pre-Christmas toy purge

Last week when I was working at Molly's school I read the book Too Many Toys three times.  Molly was there each time.  It sunk in.  She started to ask if she had too many toys like Spencer (boy in book). We talked about it and how some kids don't have any toys.  She pondered this and then asked if she could get rid of some of her toys.  I leapt at the opportunity.  We went through EVERYTHING.  And I mean EVERYTHING.

I actually had to make sure she didn't give TOO much away.  Molly was very good about deciding what went and what stayed.  I piled up the back of the Subaru and we headed to the Goodwill truck.

Molly was very proud when we arrived and told the man in the truck she wanted to give kids that didn't have toys some of her toys.

MUCH better!

Oh, and in case you are wondering why her mattress is in the middle of the floor she has reached max capacity of her toddler bed.  She was sleeping at an odd angle to let her feet hang out the opening of the rail.  We've ordered a new bed and hopefully it will be here soon.

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