Sunday, June 30, 2013

MN, day three

I didn't take any pics on day three as our major outing was to the lake.  This is the one major item on Molly's to do list when we go to Minnesota.  There is a man made lake really close to the Kelly's house.   It is a nice sandy beach with NO rocks since it's man made, so perfect for kids.  There is a lifeguard on duty, the swim area is roped off, there is a water splash pad, and a park.  It definitely has everything.  We packed up a snack and spent a few hours.  Molly was in heaven.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

MN, day two

Heather bought us tickets to see Aladdin at the Stages Theatre Company.  The performance lasted an hour and it was the perfect amount of time.  The girls LOVED it!

Norah, Emma, and Molly (L to R):

 Meeting Jasmine:

 Very kid friendly place... I definitely recommend:

 Outside the theatre:
 Swim time!
 Molly pushing baby Olivia with a Norah assist:

Friday, June 28, 2013

MN Trip, day one

Molly and I got up at the butt crack o' dawn to fly out to Minnesota to visit The Kellys.  I thought for sure Molly would sleep on the plane a bit, but nope...

 Say hello to baby Olivia... no you may not have my Honey Weiss!
 Molly was SOOO stoked to be able to hold Baby Olivia!

 Watch the hair!
 Mmmmm... phase two complete!  (Phase one was the Honey Weiss, Phase three will be cheese curds)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We got up and headed out to the Exploratorium.  Molly was able to take light rail and street cars and had a great time with that.

Molly did her own hair into a bun and wanted me to take a pic:
 Little cloudy when we first headed out, but they burned off quickly.
 Ferry Building
 Bay Bridge
 Gorgeous SF day!
 Molly and Tracey checking out the trailer made entirely of skateboards:
 How to Ollie:
Rickshaw with periscope up top:
 Inside the rickshaw:
 Aunt Tracey scaled the skeleton down to Molly size:
Molly put her hair up in a side ponytail so you could tell which one she was:

Shadow box (Molly's favorite):


Ice cream!!!
Rooftop garden:
Heading back to the apartment:
On the train ride home... not even out of the city:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aunt Tracey visit in San Francisco

Aunt Tracey was house and cat sitting in San Francisco this week so Molly and I took the train up to join her.  Here we are at the Sunnyvale station waiting on our train:
 So exhausting!
 Doing a little So You Think You Can Dance Audition to pass the time...
 Loving the train!
 Loving the HUGE tub even more!
 Roof observation deck.  The place Aunt Tracey was watching was one of three rooftop apartments that had amazing views of the city.
 Molly taking in the view...
 Molly and Aunt Tracey playing I Spy...
 Panorama (that's the Bay Bridge)
 Aunt Tracey's next car?
We walked over to the 21st Amendment Brewery for dinner (home of Hell or High Watermelon beer).  It was delicious! 
For the man cave?
 Molly took this...
 Tub time!!!  Molly is not even standing in the deepest part of the tub.  She was in heaven.
 The tub is located up that very steep ladder and is surrounded by windows giving you an amazing view of the city.
 Up by the tub... Molly LOVED it!