Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Miss Piggy...

went to the doctor's and weighed in at 9lbs 1.5 oz!!! So much for worrying that she wasn't getting enough to eat... little porker. She was 8lbs 4.5 oz at birth and then down to 7lbs 10 oz at her first doctor's appt on the 16th. She was trying to hold up her head when put on her belly which is a great sign. Everything checked out and we'll head back in 2 weeks for her one month checkup.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Molly, the movie.

First of many videos to come.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

6th night, 6 hours

Gotta love N and his desire to feed his little girl. I was able to sleep for 6 straight hours last night. I had set my alarm so I could pump before it got painful and it worked like a charm. Feel very rested right now. No mommy zombie for me. :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More pictures! Days 2-5

Some fairly priceless shots. :)

"Daddy is going to eat me!?!??"

Molly Days 2-5

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First doc appt.

I had literally just finished writing about her lack of poopy diapers on the questionnaire at the doctor's office when she decided to prove me wrong. We weren't too concerned considering how much meconium came out when she was born, but the timing today was pretty funny. N was more than a little grossed out by the whole thing. Everything checked out fine. We go back on the 26th for her next visit. She is down to 7lbs 10 oz, but that is completely normal in the beginning. She should be back up to her birth weight on the next visit. After the doc appt we decided to run an errand since she was out. Picked up a few more items we needed and she slept the entire time.

Time to see doc!

We're all cinched in, off to see Dr. Stein for the first time.

Best Dad Ever

It was suggested to us yesterday to try the every other method (one meal boob, next meal bottle) now that I can pump. So that's just what we did last night. I went to bed first and N stayed up to do the next feeding. I did the next one and he got up to do the one after that. I actually feel rested. Much easier to get up once during the night and then again for the morning feeding. Love that N wants to feed her so much. Gave me a chance to escape the Mommy Zombie zone for a bit.

Molly is chilling next to me... drifting in and out of sleep. I got a great personal breastfeeding one on one yesterday (Thanks Bev!) and I feel all the pointers helped a lot! It was great to get some specific pointers to our situation and not just breastfeeding in general. I feel like Molly is getting a meal now instead of just a snack. She's definitely sleeping more between feedings and just seems more content.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Home sweet home

I can still probably count the hours of sleep I've had on my fingers, but it feels good to be home. Little one kept me up last night, but it's my own damn fault. That's what I get for having a coke with dinner. I was finally able to pump a little last night so N gave her a bottle. He was so happy he could finally feed her. I pumped again this morning before returning to bed around 6:00 am. So when Miss Molly woke up around 6:30 it was all N. I got up around 9:00 and she's been sleeping soundly since. I know I should sleep when she sleeps, but I just can't seem to at the moment. I'm in Molly's room on the glider and she's completely out in her crib. Furry kids are wandering in and out. Snickers and Sadie seemed very confused as to why we keep getting up. They want us to stay in one place so they can sleep. We have a ton more pics and some video to post, but I'll let N take care of that. Hopefully we'll have something up today.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Molly likes her puppies!

The dogs have been introduced, and everybody has taken a liking to
each other.


We just got home. We're so happy to be here. Molly saw the sun for the
first time, and just got a tour of her room. Now I'm off to clean
bottles and pacifiers!

Mommy update

I just sent N out for some food so I finally have access to his laptop! First of all, it's meconium for those who want to google at home. The little one shall now be referred to as the Little Shit who shat in mommy. You can bet your sweet ass we'll be getting some mileage out of this story. I figure it should come in handy when she wants to start dating. :-)

I was still a little hesitant about the whole induction thing right up until they administered the Pitocin, but hindsight is 20/20 and with the whole meconium issue I'm really glad we didn't wait any longer. The Pitocin kicked my ass! It was administered around 2:00 am and I actually dozed until about 4:00. N was still sleeping and I dealt with contractions until 4:30 on my own with breathing, but then I needed some assistance. If nausea is a potential side effect it will most likely happen to me and with Pitocin it did. Since I was being induced I was being monitored and they wanted me to lay on my side. Well, that just caused me to throw up. All I really wanted to do was sit up straight, but that caused the little one distress (all throughout my pregnancy she would get awfully pissy if I leaned forward). I quickly figured out I could stand up and adjust the fetal heartbeat monitor and the nurses would be none the wiser. So I dealt with the contractions standing next to all the monitors and doing some slow dancing with N along with hip moves from yoga and some breathing techniques and I was good.

Then the contractions started getting longer and more intense. Legs were starting to get shaky, but laying back down just made me instantly nauseous. I got some anti-nausea medicine and that helped for a bit, but as the contractions intensified I felt like I couldn't escape them. I was still hesitant about doing an epidural because I was concerned about being trapped in the bed and possibly being even more nauseous. I got some pain meds, but that was a stop gap solution and they quickly wore off. The contractions were bleeding into one another at this point from the Pitocin. I felt like I could deal with the pain if I had at least a minute between contractions, but they were just going from one peak into another and lasting several minutes. If you looked at the printouts you would normally see hills and valleys, but mine looked like jagged peaks of mountains running into each other with a 30-60 lull every couple (4-6) minutes. I just couldn't do it anymore and I cried uncle and asked for the epidural. This was around 7:30, but there was a c-section scheduled at 8:00 and I had to wait. Finally got the epidural around 9:00 or so. By this time my body was shaking like I was cold from all the standing (my muscles were shot) and the contractions were on top of each other so it was a little tricky getting it done. I felt the shakes come on (which I could not seem to stop) so I told the doc to wait a minute and then with the next wave of the contraction I felt I could breathe through it and he was done. Pain mellowed instantly and within 20 minutes I wasn't even feeling the pressure of the contractions. Looking back I shouldn't have resisted for so long, but I just wasn't prepared for the intensity of the Pitocin.

Anyway, we both slept at this point. Next time I woke up (around 11:00) I was at 6 cm and then dozed on and off until I was 8-9. Go epidural!!! I felt a little nausea when I woke up, but not to the point that I was actually going to be sick. It was a bit of a waiting game as I dilated. At the very end they had me go on my side since the dilation was a bit uneven and then I could feel the pressure of the contractions again, but no pain. I started pushing at 2:20 and the little one was born at 3:16. I have a vague recollection of a greenish baby going by with one red arm (had some internal tearing and the red arm was the result of that). N was torn between looking at me and watching our new daughter. All was quiet for a few minutes as my doc worked on me and a whole crew worked on our daughter. Once she cried and all seemed to be ok they wanted to take her off to the nursery. I was able to hold her for a minute or so and N asked me what she looked like. I was literally seeing double at this point from all the lights and well labor and told him I couldn't tell. N then asked if she looked like a Molly and I said yes, she does and that was that.

I could tell N was torn between wanting to be there with me and keeping tabs on our girl so I sent him on his way to make sure everything was ok with Molly. Meanwhile I was being sewn up and cleaned up and was basically just happy to not have to do anything. I knew Molly was being watched like a hawk and I had my nurse track down the parents... or should I say grandparents. Molly came back to the room about 2 hours later and everything was good. Seems like forever ago we were being told our chance of success with the second IVF was 3-5%. Molly beat those odds and then some.

Now I'm just looking forward to the look on Sadie's face when we bring her home. :-)

Day1 pictures!

Here are some pictures from the first day that Molly has been in our world. Damn she's cute!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

So tired.

Daddy has been ill all day. I went home to recover some energy while
Kim had visitors to help. I'm back now, showing molly around the
hospital while mommy sleeps. Still feeling yucky, but the sight of my
munchkin makes it fairly insignificant. Operation mommy-sleep underway!

First 24 hours.

Wow, what a ride. So Molly made poopies inside mommy prior to birth, and apparently it was plentiful and thick. We were only a week late, but the doctors said that they hadn't seen it quite that bad since the 70's when it was common to let pregnancies go 3 weeks late. The crappy part (hehehehe) was that they had to immediately pounce on her with all sorts of suction and tubes to vacuumed out the myconium (poop) before she inhaled it. It was very stressful to watch. She actually didn't move much for the first 45 seconds, but then woke up and started making sounds and flailing.

We went to the infirmary where I spent the next 2 hours helping the nurses work on Molly. I had to leave Kim in the hands of her doctor to sew up a small tear inside... but no external tears, which is good. In the infirmary we weighed, measured, bathed, vaccinated, cleaned, tested, and verified everything about Molly. Many things were checked to ensure she didn't have any infections from the myconium.

We then went back to the room, and got to see the relatives. Around 7pm they moved us to a different room, much smaller. My lack of sleep and food was really catching up with me, so I called in a food delivery with some friends. The food really hit the spot, but by morning I was unable to function... bound to the bathroom, purging out of all side. After trying to sleep in the hospital and failing, we reluctantly decided it was best if I go home and get some emergency sleep then come back. I felt really sad leaving my newborn and Kim but it had to be done. Then when I couldn't leave the house again due to illness, I wasn't happy. I am feeling better now, and back at the hospital. Molly is cuter than ever. I am truly fully in love with my ladies... they are both AWESOME.

Still weak. Pictures will be up shortly. Gotta go relax with my girls.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Molly Elizabeth Hickson

8lb, 4 1/2oz. 21 1/2 inches long. Born 3:16pm. Everyone on cloud 9.

Took a nap.

We both slept for most of the past 2 hours! Now she's about 9 cm.
We'll be pushing soon.

Epidural. 6cm.

Kim may have made it without the epidural, but I dunno if I could
have. The pitocin made thing hard, fast. It hurts so much to see her
in pain. Life is good now tho. We're cruising now. We'll meet baby
girl in a matter of hours!


Pain, check.
Nausia, check.
Drugs, check.
Dialation: 4+ cm
Mommy: doing a great job.
Daddy: nervous, excited, weak but appearing strong.

So much for sleeping.

The queen nurse came to second-check after the mini-nurse. We're 1.5-2cm, and 70% effaced. Its past the point of needing more Cervidil. They're coming in to jack in the pitocin. They think maybe 8-10 hours still before its party push time. The pitocin will cause stronger + longer contractions now, so we probably wont be sleeping from here on out.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Midnight status.

Kim can feel the contractions now. They feel like an urge to pee. She says they aren't "painful" yet tho. The cervidil thing fell out... we gotta get another put in. Thats okay, just confines her to bed for another 2 hours. :(

The waiting.

We've been admitted, checked, measured, interviewed, and the Cervidil was administered about an hour ago. This is a small medicated pill-like thing thats inserted into the vagina, right up near the cervix to "ripen" it for birth. This process (where we wait for it to ripen) is likely to take 12-24 hours. In the meantime we're chillin in the hospital, listening to all the mothers scream, push, and then the newborns wail. Its a tiny bit abrasive, but not so much when you know you'll be there in 24-48 hours. Kim has had about 7 contractions, roughly 14 minutes apart. She can't even feel them, and we were both surprised to even see them on the monitor. This is great news, because there were 0 contractions during our non-stress-test 2 days ago. Occasionally Cervidil speeds the coming of labor without the necessity for Pitocin (the hormone that causes you to go into serious contractions, and fast). This is what we're hoping for. We hear Pitocin is effective but painful (the contractions are worse).

We'll keep you posted!

Let's go!

In our little holding pattern I was able to add 5 hours to my previous
2 of sleep. I think I might actually be able to function now.

heading in

hospital just called and we're heading on in now... wish us luck!

no beds

still at home... we were just pulling in for breakfast this morning at 7:00 am when the hospital called to let us know they didn't have any available beds... rather than have us wait around without our own room they told us they would call us back when we could head on in... since both of us didn't get the best night's sleep last night we came home and crashed out hard... I just called the hospital and they are still waiting for a few ladies to deliver and will call us back... so chillin' at home right now... which is actually fine by me since it gives the little one more of a chance to show up on her own... but wanted to let you all know the latest...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2nd Acupuncture appt.

had my second acupuncture appointment this afternoon... she went all out and gave me a vial of Labour Tincture which is supposed to help start and sustain contractions... it tastes like ass, but what the hell... I left it on the counter and N tried some... crazy man... anyway, unless something happens tonight we're still on schedule to head into the hospital tomorrow morning at 8:00 am... they are going to give me that pill to help soften my cervix and monitor me... hopefully the pill will trigger labor, but if not once my cervix is ready I will be induced with Pitocin... but that might not happen until Friday morning depending on how long my body takes to react... N will have his iPhone and will be updating everyone here so check back often...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

latest doc appt.

just got back from our latest doc appt where I had a Non Stress Test... they basically hooked me up to a monitor for the baby's heartbeat (totally fine, in the 140's and then spiking up to the 160's when she finally woke up towards the end) and another to monitor contractions (nada)... so yeah, still on track to head in on Thursday... my cervix did make a little progress towards front and center, but still no where near where it should be to indicate labor... when I go in Thursday morning they are actually going to insert a pill to help soften my cervix... this sometimes triggers labor so let's hope for that... these are given every 12 hours and my doc has never had to do more than 2 so she told me to not be her first... if that triggers labor than I get to avoid the pitocin shot (once again, this is what we're rooting for folks... well this or natural labor between now and then)... if not, I will most likely have the pitocin shot Friday morning... could happen sooner... all depends on how my body reacts...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Preggo Profile

Daddy has been taking pictures of Mommy as I grow.

Here's a video of all the action:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm scared to come out.

Its nice and warm in here. I'm not quite ready to come out. We just got back from the doc and I told the doc I wanted to chill a bit longer. Mommy scheduled next Thursday (11th) at 8am for the doctors to make me come out... if I don't decide to do it on my own before then. This is because I'll be 9 lbs by then, and they don't want me to have trouble fitting through the door. I'll see you all soon... just not as soon as we thought! maybe. :)