Tuesday, October 9, 2007

latest doc appt.

just got back from our latest doc appt where I had a Non Stress Test... they basically hooked me up to a monitor for the baby's heartbeat (totally fine, in the 140's and then spiking up to the 160's when she finally woke up towards the end) and another to monitor contractions (nada)... so yeah, still on track to head in on Thursday... my cervix did make a little progress towards front and center, but still no where near where it should be to indicate labor... when I go in Thursday morning they are actually going to insert a pill to help soften my cervix... this sometimes triggers labor so let's hope for that... these are given every 12 hours and my doc has never had to do more than 2 so she told me to not be her first... if that triggers labor than I get to avoid the pitocin shot (once again, this is what we're rooting for folks... well this or natural labor between now and then)... if not, I will most likely have the pitocin shot Friday morning... could happen sooner... all depends on how my body reacts...

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