Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mommy update

I just sent N out for some food so I finally have access to his laptop! First of all, it's meconium for those who want to google at home. The little one shall now be referred to as the Little Shit who shat in mommy. You can bet your sweet ass we'll be getting some mileage out of this story. I figure it should come in handy when she wants to start dating. :-)

I was still a little hesitant about the whole induction thing right up until they administered the Pitocin, but hindsight is 20/20 and with the whole meconium issue I'm really glad we didn't wait any longer. The Pitocin kicked my ass! It was administered around 2:00 am and I actually dozed until about 4:00. N was still sleeping and I dealt with contractions until 4:30 on my own with breathing, but then I needed some assistance. If nausea is a potential side effect it will most likely happen to me and with Pitocin it did. Since I was being induced I was being monitored and they wanted me to lay on my side. Well, that just caused me to throw up. All I really wanted to do was sit up straight, but that caused the little one distress (all throughout my pregnancy she would get awfully pissy if I leaned forward). I quickly figured out I could stand up and adjust the fetal heartbeat monitor and the nurses would be none the wiser. So I dealt with the contractions standing next to all the monitors and doing some slow dancing with N along with hip moves from yoga and some breathing techniques and I was good.

Then the contractions started getting longer and more intense. Legs were starting to get shaky, but laying back down just made me instantly nauseous. I got some anti-nausea medicine and that helped for a bit, but as the contractions intensified I felt like I couldn't escape them. I was still hesitant about doing an epidural because I was concerned about being trapped in the bed and possibly being even more nauseous. I got some pain meds, but that was a stop gap solution and they quickly wore off. The contractions were bleeding into one another at this point from the Pitocin. I felt like I could deal with the pain if I had at least a minute between contractions, but they were just going from one peak into another and lasting several minutes. If you looked at the printouts you would normally see hills and valleys, but mine looked like jagged peaks of mountains running into each other with a 30-60 lull every couple (4-6) minutes. I just couldn't do it anymore and I cried uncle and asked for the epidural. This was around 7:30, but there was a c-section scheduled at 8:00 and I had to wait. Finally got the epidural around 9:00 or so. By this time my body was shaking like I was cold from all the standing (my muscles were shot) and the contractions were on top of each other so it was a little tricky getting it done. I felt the shakes come on (which I could not seem to stop) so I told the doc to wait a minute and then with the next wave of the contraction I felt I could breathe through it and he was done. Pain mellowed instantly and within 20 minutes I wasn't even feeling the pressure of the contractions. Looking back I shouldn't have resisted for so long, but I just wasn't prepared for the intensity of the Pitocin.

Anyway, we both slept at this point. Next time I woke up (around 11:00) I was at 6 cm and then dozed on and off until I was 8-9. Go epidural!!! I felt a little nausea when I woke up, but not to the point that I was actually going to be sick. It was a bit of a waiting game as I dilated. At the very end they had me go on my side since the dilation was a bit uneven and then I could feel the pressure of the contractions again, but no pain. I started pushing at 2:20 and the little one was born at 3:16. I have a vague recollection of a greenish baby going by with one red arm (had some internal tearing and the red arm was the result of that). N was torn between looking at me and watching our new daughter. All was quiet for a few minutes as my doc worked on me and a whole crew worked on our daughter. Once she cried and all seemed to be ok they wanted to take her off to the nursery. I was able to hold her for a minute or so and N asked me what she looked like. I was literally seeing double at this point from all the lights and well labor and told him I couldn't tell. N then asked if she looked like a Molly and I said yes, she does and that was that.

I could tell N was torn between wanting to be there with me and keeping tabs on our girl so I sent him on his way to make sure everything was ok with Molly. Meanwhile I was being sewn up and cleaned up and was basically just happy to not have to do anything. I knew Molly was being watched like a hawk and I had my nurse track down the parents... or should I say grandparents. Molly came back to the room about 2 hours later and everything was good. Seems like forever ago we were being told our chance of success with the second IVF was 3-5%. Molly beat those odds and then some.

Now I'm just looking forward to the look on Sadie's face when we bring her home. :-)

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