Thursday, October 11, 2007

The waiting.

We've been admitted, checked, measured, interviewed, and the Cervidil was administered about an hour ago. This is a small medicated pill-like thing thats inserted into the vagina, right up near the cervix to "ripen" it for birth. This process (where we wait for it to ripen) is likely to take 12-24 hours. In the meantime we're chillin in the hospital, listening to all the mothers scream, push, and then the newborns wail. Its a tiny bit abrasive, but not so much when you know you'll be there in 24-48 hours. Kim has had about 7 contractions, roughly 14 minutes apart. She can't even feel them, and we were both surprised to even see them on the monitor. This is great news, because there were 0 contractions during our non-stress-test 2 days ago. Occasionally Cervidil speeds the coming of labor without the necessity for Pitocin (the hormone that causes you to go into serious contractions, and fast). This is what we're hoping for. We hear Pitocin is effective but painful (the contractions are worse).

We'll keep you posted!

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