Monday, March 29, 2010

Fever + rash = looong day

Poor Molly bug woke up this morning with a lovely 104.7 temp. Yeah, that freaked me out just a bit so I called the doctor's office and got a morning appointment. She was warm last night at Lucille's and when we took her temp it was around 102 (old school mercury thermometer so that's as accurate as we got). N went out to pick up some Children's Tylenol so we could give her a dose. We put on Ratatouille and let her eat grapes and cucumber slices for dinner in front of the tv.

Then last night I woke up around 2:00 and could hear her talking on the monitor. She fell back asleep and I was woken back up a a little after 3:00 to her hollering, "APPLE JUICE" from her doorway. Her temp read 103.9 so I ran a warm bath and got another dose of Tylenol in her. She was actually in a great mood and was SUPER polite. She thanked me about 19 times for her apple juice, for the bath, for changing her clothes... pretty much everything I did was greeted with a "thank you mommy". We then watched an episode of Sesame Street and she was finally ready to go back to bed.

The doc suspects the fever is viral and the skin rash is bacterial. They took a bunch of swabs for further testing, but the doc thinks the fever is aggravating her skin rash. Molly got what I thought was a cold sore a few days ago, but this morning when she woke up the rash had taken over that cheek as well. The doc thinks it might not be a cold sore and is part of the bacterial infection that is also affecting her diaper area. So we have some antibiotics and topical creme.

The highlight of my morning was the request for a urine sample. When the doc asked me if I could get Molly to pee in a cup for me I just laughed. Molly has been resisting potty training and a few weeks back tried to THROW her ENTIRE potty AT me. So yeah, peeing in a cup wasn't going to happen. ESPECIALLY when you add a fever to the mix. So they sent me home with a cup and some urine bags. Yeah, little plastic baggies with some two sided tape around an oval opening. Mmm hmmm. Awesome, huh? I spent the morning trying to get her to drink (she had already down two sippy cups of apple juice prior to the doc appt and was no longer interested in drinking) and praying the bag would catch it.

Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chillin' at Grandma's

This is Molly's chair in case you were wondering.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Looks like someone borrowed Molly's Oogly Eye Monster without asking.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ahhhh... the beach....

Capitola last weekend was nice...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More pics.

Got the weekend before last uploaded... now I just have to work on last weekend! ;)

Here are some highlights:

Silvestri BBQ

Last Friday we headed down to the Silvestri's for a yummy BBQ dinner. Since it was such a lovely day out Amy and I took the kids to the park first. The kids had a blast playing with each other and the adults were able to eat some delicious food (thanks Amy!) and drink some yummy beer (thanks N).

Click here for full gallery.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Granny!

Just finished a birthday brunch at Stacks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This was taken at Tahoe Tot Spot on 3/8/2010. As you can see Molly LOVES to jump! It's usually the first thing out of her mouth whenever we get in the car.

direct link for video

"She's not dumb."

I've been finding that I say that statement a lot these days. Molly is a quick little whipper snapper. My favorite recent story regarding this took place on our drive back from Tahoe. I was driving and N was in the passenger seat. It's dark out and Molly asks daddy for a book (part of a 4 book Disney Princess set from Costco with its own carrying case). She specifically requests Ariel (The Little Mermaid). N reaches into the backseat to find the case on the floor. He then mutters that it's too dark to see what each book is. I tell him to make sure he gives her the right one and his response is, "How is she going to know?"

N hands her the (correct) book. I glance in the rear view mirror and see Molly calmly holding the book up while waiting patiently for us to pass under a light or for a car to pass us so she can verify she was given the correct book. Once she gets enough light to confirm she is indeed holding the Ariel book she puts it back in her lap and proceeds to thumb through it.

Like I said, "She's not dumb."

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Little Princess

I come back into the living room from feeding Sadie and this is the scene I'm greeted with. Little Princess was just sitting there on her throne. This is the same cushion Sadie sleeps on when we're not home. Next time I find it smooshed down I probably shouldn't be so quick to blame Sadie.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parenting fail

Molly just threw a few toys into the hall. Her way of saying, "I'm not ready for nap time thank you very much." So I march down the hallway ready to do my stern mom voice and tell her under no uncertain terms it IS nap time. I swing open the door and Molly is caught standing in the middle of her room surrounded by the toys she just got out. In her hand is a toy frying pan. She's caught. She KNOWS she's caught. So she looks at me, holds the frying pan up, and whispers, "Pancakes?"

I burst out laughing.

I know that is the LAST thing you're supposed to do when you're kid is misbehaving, but I couldn't help it. It was hilarious. Especially her delivery.

Once I recover from my burst of laughter I kneel down in front of her and attempt to sternly say, "Nap time."

Molly looks me in the eye. Nods. Puts down the toy frying pan. Sighs. Then says, "No pancakes."

I laugh again.

Parenting fail.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Park season is here!

No more arriving to parks to find them soaking wet. The clocks have been set forward, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Miss Molly is raring to go!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Cuz when you're cool...

The sun shines on you 24 hours a day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jan, the Great and Tahoe week

N uploaded some more pictures from Jan, the Great's (she prefers this to Great Aunt Jan) visit to CA and our week long trip to Tahoe. They can be found in the January, February, March - 2010 gallery (reverse chronological order). Here are some of my favorites:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Booster seat?

I don't need no stinkin' booster seat!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snug as a bug

In the process of stripping the bed and someone made herself right at home. She's going to be disappointed when those sheets disappear.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hickson Day Care

On Friday Robert and Connor came over for a day long play date. For the most part Molly and Robert entertained each other while Connor watched from the Bjorn. I got Connor down for his morning nap in Molly's old swing out in the living room and did my best to keep the kids playing back in Molly's room. Of course once they caught on to the fact that I wanted them in Molly's room they immediately became interested in escaping. For the most part they stayed back there and Connor got a nice two hour nap in.

Lunch time rolled around and I got 5 kidney beans and 6 peas in Robert. He's usually not a fan, but I was able to coax a few into him as Molly was shoving them in by the fistfuls and Robert was curious what all the fuss was about. After lunch the kids started to wind down and when they each grabbed their own blankets I knew it was nap time.

Robert went down without a peep, but Miss Molly decided to let me know she'd rather be playing by opening her door every few minutes and tossing a few items into the hallway. This was also about the time Connor decided the 4 ounces he had less than an hour ago was not enough. I started heating up bottles in 1-2 ounce increments, but man oh man was he PISSED when he hit empty. It was during one of the rather vocal moments while I heated up another bottle that I walked into Molly's room (Connor reminding me that he is STARVING at full volume in my arms) and looked Molly straight in the eye and simply said, "Bed." That was the last peep out of her. Apparently carrying a screaming baby gets your message across loud and clear.

Connor downed another 7 ounces before finally calming down (11 ounces total in less than 2 hours) and I had just 2 left in the fridge. Jenn was home sick and I felt bad for calling, but I wanted to give her the heads up that her little one was quite the eater that day and she might be getting an emergency phone call in a bit if we ran out completely and he was still hungry. I did get Connor down for an afternoon nap of 90 minutes or so while Robert and Molly were also napping. That was pretty nice. Jenn and Jarrod picked up their boys a little early and got there just after Robert woke up from his nap. Since Molly had gone down a little later she was still sleeping. Sneaky Robert informed me that Michael (cat) was in Molly's room and that he'd go get him. I then pointed Michael out to Robert and watched him try to think up another reason to go wake Molly. Molly needed to get up so I could take her to Grandma Lucille's for the night so I let Robert walk in and say goodbye. Molly was still out cold so Robert leaned over and kissed her elbow goodbye. It was SUPER adorable and I wish I had a picture.

Click here for pictures from the day. There's not many, but when you have a 3:1 kid to adult ratio be thankful there's any!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pure panic

Last night Molly went down just before 8:00. Well, she crawled in bed at that time, but she was still awake. I heard her babbling away. Then I heard her counting to 20, skipping the number 6. Then it was quiet. I turned on the tv and a little after 9:00 I heard an audible thud (tv was ON at this point remember). My heart immediately sank at the sound and I was up and halfway to her room before the screaming started. I hit the hall light on right before I open her bedroom door and Molly is on her back on the floor... the hardwood floor. She had attempted to get over the side railing of her bed. Not the front toddler rail that's a foot and a half off the ground, the SIDE rail that is part of the original crib set up and comes to my waist... a good THREE feet off the floor. I immediately think she might have a neck injury and want to keep her still. The light is on in the hallway, but her room is dark. I start to turn around so I can turn on the bedroom light and Molly immediately starts to sit up so she can get to me and not let me leave. I scoop her up into my arms while she continues to wail. She is moving on her own at this point and isn't freezing in pain so I rule neck injury out. I try to get her to stand, but she doesn't want me to let her go. I think I see her avoiding to put any weight on her left leg so I think that might be broken. Keep in mind mere seconds have passed. I scoop her up and take her out to the living room where there's better light and the futon is flat. I lay her down so I can assess any damage and she just wants to be held. She is now standing in front of me so obviously her leg is not broken and I take her back into my arms where she calms down pretty quickly. I ask her where it hurts and she tells me her head... she bonked her head. I don't feel a huge welt or anything so I figure she might have landed on her butt/back and then head.

I give her some love for a few moments and then she crawls out of my arms and situates herself on the couch and demands Monsters, Inc. Um, no. I take her back to her room and try to get her to tell me what happened. Yeah, right. Like she's going to admit to any wrong doing. What was I thinking?!? I call N (who's halfway to Tahoe) for a sanity check. She had a pretty nasty fall, but she is acting normal again so no need to rush down to the ER. He recommends I keep her up for a bit to make sure she's not showing any signs of a concussion and then stay with her until she falls asleep so she doesn't pull any more monkey maneuvers. I put her down about 20 minutes later when she starts yawning and rubbing her eyes and read to her for a bit. I then lay down on the floor next to her bed while she tosses and turns and peeks over at me every few minutes. When she finally stops tossing and turning and is belly down I stroke her head for a few minutes until her breathing gets heavy and deep and then slowly sneak out as she's asleep.

Or so I thought.

I was standing outside her door listening for a good minute and *just* as I'm about to walk away I hear movement. I open her bedroom door, flip on the light, and the little stinker is standing at the same side rail with her leg halfway up with the intention to swing it over again. Um, HELL NO! She is frozen for a second and then makes a dive for under her covers. Yeah, like I'm not standing RIGHT HERE and didn't just see that! The next few minutes consist of me firmly and repeatedly telling her to NOT climb her bed while she attempts to distract me by being cute, her fake cry, reaching out for hugs, and finally acceptance she has been busted and a very hushed whispered, "I'm sorry."

This time I simply lay down next to her bed and wait until I'm damn sure she's asleep.

Snoring was involved.

Her, not me.

I hop online to do some quick research and a couple sites recommended waking your kid up a few times the first night after a big fall. So I did, MUCH to Molly's dismay. They want you to wake them up to make sure you *can* wake them up. She woke up, but was NOT happy about it. Pretty much pleaded for bed as soon as she was awake enough to form words. Sorry kid, you gave me a freakin' heart attack... I need to make sure you are OK.

Molly has been totally fine today. I've asked her if her head hurts and she tells me no and gives me a look like I'm a crazy person for asking. So all is well.

Mild heart attack aside.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drinking out of a cup

These last few nights Molly has been asking to drink out of a cup. Since she only wants water to drink we've been letting her (mostly) do it herself. Tonight she really got the hang of it. I was a little slow to pull out the iPhone and take a pic, but she drank most of her cup without any spills!

A beautiful day for a walk.

Molly and I just took a lovely walk around the Rose Garden. Hands in pockets, of course.

Monday, March 1, 2010