Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jan, the Great and Tahoe week

N uploaded some more pictures from Jan, the Great's (she prefers this to Great Aunt Jan) visit to CA and our week long trip to Tahoe. They can be found in the January, February, March - 2010 gallery (reverse chronological order). Here are some of my favorites:


Mama Bree said...

That's funny - my dad is called "The Great" to my cousins two kids (since he's their Great Uncle) and he absolutely LOVES the name. Especially when he can rub it into his brother (the kids' grandfather). ;-)

Looks like Molly enjoyed the snow a bit better this time around?? Is there hope for our kids afterall? ;-)

Kim said...

She did *better* this year, but I wouldn't say she's a FAN of the snow. If she was in our arms or on N's shoulders she was totally content.