Monday, March 29, 2010

Fever + rash = looong day

Poor Molly bug woke up this morning with a lovely 104.7 temp. Yeah, that freaked me out just a bit so I called the doctor's office and got a morning appointment. She was warm last night at Lucille's and when we took her temp it was around 102 (old school mercury thermometer so that's as accurate as we got). N went out to pick up some Children's Tylenol so we could give her a dose. We put on Ratatouille and let her eat grapes and cucumber slices for dinner in front of the tv.

Then last night I woke up around 2:00 and could hear her talking on the monitor. She fell back asleep and I was woken back up a a little after 3:00 to her hollering, "APPLE JUICE" from her doorway. Her temp read 103.9 so I ran a warm bath and got another dose of Tylenol in her. She was actually in a great mood and was SUPER polite. She thanked me about 19 times for her apple juice, for the bath, for changing her clothes... pretty much everything I did was greeted with a "thank you mommy". We then watched an episode of Sesame Street and she was finally ready to go back to bed.

The doc suspects the fever is viral and the skin rash is bacterial. They took a bunch of swabs for further testing, but the doc thinks the fever is aggravating her skin rash. Molly got what I thought was a cold sore a few days ago, but this morning when she woke up the rash had taken over that cheek as well. The doc thinks it might not be a cold sore and is part of the bacterial infection that is also affecting her diaper area. So we have some antibiotics and topical creme.

The highlight of my morning was the request for a urine sample. When the doc asked me if I could get Molly to pee in a cup for me I just laughed. Molly has been resisting potty training and a few weeks back tried to THROW her ENTIRE potty AT me. So yeah, peeing in a cup wasn't going to happen. ESPECIALLY when you add a fever to the mix. So they sent me home with a cup and some urine bags. Yeah, little plastic baggies with some two sided tape around an oval opening. Mmm hmmm. Awesome, huh? I spent the morning trying to get her to drink (she had already down two sippy cups of apple juice prior to the doc appt and was no longer interested in drinking) and praying the bag would catch it.

Ah, the joys of motherhood.


Sneed Family said...

Poor little one. that is a really high fever glad you got it down

Sneed Family said...
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Hayley said...

Aww, hope she feels better soon.