Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hickson Day Care

On Friday Robert and Connor came over for a day long play date. For the most part Molly and Robert entertained each other while Connor watched from the Bjorn. I got Connor down for his morning nap in Molly's old swing out in the living room and did my best to keep the kids playing back in Molly's room. Of course once they caught on to the fact that I wanted them in Molly's room they immediately became interested in escaping. For the most part they stayed back there and Connor got a nice two hour nap in.

Lunch time rolled around and I got 5 kidney beans and 6 peas in Robert. He's usually not a fan, but I was able to coax a few into him as Molly was shoving them in by the fistfuls and Robert was curious what all the fuss was about. After lunch the kids started to wind down and when they each grabbed their own blankets I knew it was nap time.

Robert went down without a peep, but Miss Molly decided to let me know she'd rather be playing by opening her door every few minutes and tossing a few items into the hallway. This was also about the time Connor decided the 4 ounces he had less than an hour ago was not enough. I started heating up bottles in 1-2 ounce increments, but man oh man was he PISSED when he hit empty. It was during one of the rather vocal moments while I heated up another bottle that I walked into Molly's room (Connor reminding me that he is STARVING at full volume in my arms) and looked Molly straight in the eye and simply said, "Bed." That was the last peep out of her. Apparently carrying a screaming baby gets your message across loud and clear.

Connor downed another 7 ounces before finally calming down (11 ounces total in less than 2 hours) and I had just 2 left in the fridge. Jenn was home sick and I felt bad for calling, but I wanted to give her the heads up that her little one was quite the eater that day and she might be getting an emergency phone call in a bit if we ran out completely and he was still hungry. I did get Connor down for an afternoon nap of 90 minutes or so while Robert and Molly were also napping. That was pretty nice. Jenn and Jarrod picked up their boys a little early and got there just after Robert woke up from his nap. Since Molly had gone down a little later she was still sleeping. Sneaky Robert informed me that Michael (cat) was in Molly's room and that he'd go get him. I then pointed Michael out to Robert and watched him try to think up another reason to go wake Molly. Molly needed to get up so I could take her to Grandma Lucille's for the night so I let Robert walk in and say goodbye. Molly was still out cold so Robert leaned over and kissed her elbow goodbye. It was SUPER adorable and I wish I had a picture.

Click here for pictures from the day. There's not many, but when you have a 3:1 kid to adult ratio be thankful there's any!

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Jennifer said...

Great photos Kim! Thank you again for watching my boys!