Thursday, August 28, 2008

pics 08/21 to 08/26/2008

Santa Barbara

We drove down to Santa Barbara yesterday so we could spend the long weekend with Uncle Kyle and also see UCSB alumnus Jack Johnson play at Harder Stadium last night. Kyle's mom was very kind and offered to watch Molly for us. Was very nice to get out and see some live music as it's been far too long. Kids under 2 were free, but after a day in the car I knew that would have been asking for trouble. Plus, I know there was no way we'd be able to keep earplugs *in* or headphones *on* Miss Molly and I would definitely have been concerned about the noise even if it was an outdoor venue. I did see a few other kids there. Mostly of the running around variety. There was one little guy probably around 8 months (or older, I never know how to judge accurately since my basis for comparison is Molly and she is always guessed at much older than she actually is) that had on a pair of little kid headphones (over the entire ear). Dad was constantly in a dance with the boy to keep them on. Wonder how long that lasted?

Campus has sure changed a lot in the 10 years since I was a student. There are a ton of new buildings and a lot of construction going on. Might have to take a stroll around with Miss Molly at some point so I can really see how much has changed. Started the day out right with a Blenders (hee hee sorry Bree, want me to bring you back one?) and plan on heading downtown for some shopping once Miss Molly wakes up from her morning nap. The fog monster came in last night and hasn't shown any signs of leaving us. Then again downtown always tends to be sunny regardless of the weather up here by campus.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Robert play date

The planets aligned and somehow managed to get both of Robert's grandmas out of town at the same time so we had him over for a day long play date while his parents were at work. Molly and Robert had a great time together. The only tricky part was getting them both down for a nap at the same time. Luckily N is still around so even though he's not supposed to lift anything more than 5lbs (more on those violations later) he could sit and chill with Molly while I got Robert down. First nap I tried to give Robert his bottle and put him down in Molly's travel bed, but he looked at me like I was crazy so I put him down in Molly's bed instead. Then when I tried to get Molly down in the travel bed she also thought I was nuts. Luckily once Robert is down he's out like a light so I snuck into Molly's room to be greeted with a face down, booty in the air Robert completely konked out on his blankie. I moved him to the travel bed and then put Molly down in her bed. Then all was quiet for the first and last time of the day.

Robert scored a very cool radio flyer wagon for his birthday that Jarrod brought over when he dropped him off. Took both of the kiddos for a tour of the rose garden after lunch. I love the sun shade, very necessary for my little fair one in particular. I did manage to get both kiddos down for a second nap, but those were more staggered. Robert woke up a little upset (probably very confused as to where the hell he was), but he was super happy to see me once I walked into Molly's room and was nice n' chill with N on the couch until dad came to get him. I have some pics that I will be posting shortly.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary!

It's been 6 years since N and I flew off to Kauai to get married. We do plan on heading down to Monterey for the night (leaving Molly with grandma) and having a nice dinner at Roy's, but I thought it was best to wait until N was fully healed before scheduling that. So instead we headed out for a very casual dinner with Miss Molly to The Counter for a very yummy dinner. This place is an "upscale" burger joint where everything is a custom order. Everybody I know that's been has raved about it so I felt it was time we gave it a try. Will definitely be heading back again... and again... and again...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

second sleepover

Molly spent Saturday night at Grandma and Grandpa Marsh's. We headed over there after Addison's first birthday party and I fed her and put her down for her second nap. Right as were about to walk out the door Molly starts wailing. Grandma said she would take care of it so N and I bolted before she could change her mind. Grandpa ended up taking Molly on a tour of downtown Saratoga in her stroller and she passed right out. She had a great time playing with all of the toys Grandma has picked up for her. It was very nice to sleep in and wake up on my own rather than waking up to Molly. Although I did bolt up right in the middle of the night when I thought I heard Molly cry (turned out to be a cat fight outside) and was more than a little confused when I looked at her monitor and didn't see any lights. Took me a second to remember that Molly wasn't home and then I went right back to sleep. Uncle Kyle passed through town a day earlier than planned so we went out to brunch before I headed over to pick up Molly. Love this whole sleepover thing. Gotta take advantage more often!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

A comic about N.

Well, at least is SHOULD remind all my friends of me...

pics from Robert's first birthday party

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Poor Molly bug was up every two hours last night with a fever. I could not get a good reading (anywhere from 95 to 104, which was obviously wrong) since she was so squirmy, but she seems to be back to normal now. I don't think the fact that she went to bed in footie pajamas helped. She was letting out squawks from the time she went down (around 9) until 2 am when it finally woke her up. She was warm, but she konked out on me in her glider and I put her back down. When she woke up at 4 she was super hot and a little sweaty, but I thought it was just her footie pajamas and the fact that it was a warm night and her window and door were both closed (rest of the windows in the house were open). I side fed her and she went back down. At 6 she was super hot and this is when I first took her temperature. We have an ear thermometer which is pretty accurate if you can get a good reading. This wasn't working so I finally took her temp under her arm and it was 99.8. Not too bad, but she felt warmer than that and I could not get another reading. She side feed again (eating is a good sign), but would only fall asleep on me. She woke up again for good around 7:30, but I think her fever had already broken at this point because she was starting to cool off. She woke up from her morning nap completely normal and is playing beside me in her play pen totally content. Poor bug. I think tonight I'll skip the footie pajamas and just keep her in a onesie.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Grandma Marsh has been over a few times this week to help out with Molly while N was in the hospital and to give mommy a break so she could have lunch with some friends. She's taught Molly ta-ta (think baby version of thank you). Molly will be holding on to two toys and you put out one hand and say ta-ta and she'll hand over one. Then she quickly says ta (very rarely do you get a full ta-ta) and you hand the toy back. She loves it! Which translates into hours and hours spent saying ta-ta these last few days.

Coasters are also new favorite toy. She likes to stack them. She likes to pile them into a bowl... then take them out again. She likes to bang them on the table... the floor... your head. She likes to crawl while holding on in each hand. I really don't know why we bother to buy her any toys at all.

N's doing better. Still in some pain, but going for longer and longer bouts between sleeping and pill popping. He went out for a walk yesterday so that's a good sign. Probably a better sign was that he made it back home. :-)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 months old

Molly turned 10 months old yesterday. This post is a day late because most of yesterday was spent at the hospital waiting for N to be released after having his appendix removed on Monday and then getting N settled at home. Oh, and watching the Olympics. I would also like to point out that this was N's second time at the hospital this month! Let's hope Miss Molly does not inherit Daddy's inclination to spend time in hospitals due to his own actions or those out of his control.

Anyway, back to Miss Molly...

Molly has been pulling herself up on everything. She prefers things that are her height (dog bowls, coolers, etc), but really will try anything. She has taken several steps while holding on to something, but no solo steps just yet. Which is fine by me. N started the last three weeks of his paternity leave last Thursday and we were hoping to use this time to childproof the house. Well, since he can't lift more than 5 lbs for the next three weeks those plans have been pushed back a bit. I'll do what I can, but since I'm 100% on Molly duty there's only so much free time (aka nap time). Right now I really should be doing something around the house while she's down for her second nap. Well, I am technically in the middle of laundry. That will have to count.

No more developments on the teeth front. She still just has the bottom two, but man can she make those work for her. She will pick up a single cheerio and then bite it in half with her two bottom teeth. It's pretty cute. On Monday night she woke up in the middle of the night (this was the night N spent in the hospital after surgery) and this is very abnormal for her. Her teeth with bugging her so I'm thinking the next ones are getting ready to pop through. She's been sucking on her lips and chewing on her fingers (and anything else she can find). The focus seems to be on her top gums so I'm thinking those might be next. We'll see.

I've signed Molly up for fall semester at The Little Gym. Classes start up the last week in August. This is also where I've scheduled her first birthday party to take place. I'm sure class will get her walking in no time.

OK, need to try and get a few more things done while Molly is still napping and N is content.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Robert David!

Molly's friend Robert David had his first birthday party today. We chilled in the park under some trees and took in the sights. N was photographer for the day so there should be a nice gallery coming soon.

Happy Birthday Robert David!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Gym

Molly and I went to a trail class at The Little Gym today along with Emily (9 months), Emily's mom Katrine, Addison (11.5 months), and Addison's mom Jessie. I had been there before for Jamie's 3rd birthday party and had been thinking about having Molly's first birthday party there. We've signed up for the fall semester (20 classes) and also put a deposit down for Molly's party. It's a great place for kids to crawl around and explore. Everything is covered in padding so you don't have to worry. Although I'm sure if given enough time Molly would find a way to bonk her head on something.

Molly was pretty good about letting the teacher pick her up a few times, but had no interest in walking. She would stick her feet straight out rather than stand up. She's been this way since she really started crawling. Before that she was all about the standing. Now you have to sit her down on her butt. I think she's trying to avoid being put down altogether, but I'm fine with sitting her down and making her crawl to me. She has to work those rolls off somehow! She did do some walking while holding on to the parallel bars... when she wasn't trying to eat them. I tried to get her to hang off of one of the uneven bars and hold her own weight, but she was far more interested in trying to eat the wood bar. Not too surprised as I was greeted this morning by distinct scraping sound when I walked into her room and caught her gnawing on her bed frame.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008