Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Gym

Molly and I went to a trail class at The Little Gym today along with Emily (9 months), Emily's mom Katrine, Addison (11.5 months), and Addison's mom Jessie. I had been there before for Jamie's 3rd birthday party and had been thinking about having Molly's first birthday party there. We've signed up for the fall semester (20 classes) and also put a deposit down for Molly's party. It's a great place for kids to crawl around and explore. Everything is covered in padding so you don't have to worry. Although I'm sure if given enough time Molly would find a way to bonk her head on something.

Molly was pretty good about letting the teacher pick her up a few times, but had no interest in walking. She would stick her feet straight out rather than stand up. She's been this way since she really started crawling. Before that she was all about the standing. Now you have to sit her down on her butt. I think she's trying to avoid being put down altogether, but I'm fine with sitting her down and making her crawl to me. She has to work those rolls off somehow! She did do some walking while holding on to the parallel bars... when she wasn't trying to eat them. I tried to get her to hang off of one of the uneven bars and hold her own weight, but she was far more interested in trying to eat the wood bar. Not too surprised as I was greeted this morning by distinct scraping sound when I walked into her room and caught her gnawing on her bed frame.

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Mama Bree said...

cool, sounds like a neat place! Logan and I will have to check it out sometime :)