Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Robert play date

The planets aligned and somehow managed to get both of Robert's grandmas out of town at the same time so we had him over for a day long play date while his parents were at work. Molly and Robert had a great time together. The only tricky part was getting them both down for a nap at the same time. Luckily N is still around so even though he's not supposed to lift anything more than 5lbs (more on those violations later) he could sit and chill with Molly while I got Robert down. First nap I tried to give Robert his bottle and put him down in Molly's travel bed, but he looked at me like I was crazy so I put him down in Molly's bed instead. Then when I tried to get Molly down in the travel bed she also thought I was nuts. Luckily once Robert is down he's out like a light so I snuck into Molly's room to be greeted with a face down, booty in the air Robert completely konked out on his blankie. I moved him to the travel bed and then put Molly down in her bed. Then all was quiet for the first and last time of the day.

Robert scored a very cool radio flyer wagon for his birthday that Jarrod brought over when he dropped him off. Took both of the kiddos for a tour of the rose garden after lunch. I love the sun shade, very necessary for my little fair one in particular. I did manage to get both kiddos down for a second nap, but those were more staggered. Robert woke up a little upset (probably very confused as to where the hell he was), but he was super happy to see me once I walked into Molly's room and was nice n' chill with N on the couch until dad came to get him. I have some pics that I will be posting shortly.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you again! You guys were life savers!!