Saturday, August 16, 2008


Grandma Marsh has been over a few times this week to help out with Molly while N was in the hospital and to give mommy a break so she could have lunch with some friends. She's taught Molly ta-ta (think baby version of thank you). Molly will be holding on to two toys and you put out one hand and say ta-ta and she'll hand over one. Then she quickly says ta (very rarely do you get a full ta-ta) and you hand the toy back. She loves it! Which translates into hours and hours spent saying ta-ta these last few days.

Coasters are also new favorite toy. She likes to stack them. She likes to pile them into a bowl... then take them out again. She likes to bang them on the table... the floor... your head. She likes to crawl while holding on in each hand. I really don't know why we bother to buy her any toys at all.

N's doing better. Still in some pain, but going for longer and longer bouts between sleeping and pill popping. He went out for a walk yesterday so that's a good sign. Probably a better sign was that he made it back home. :-)

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