Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

first sleepover

Last night I headed up to Lucille's to drop off Molly since we had plans with some friends for the evening. Well, Lucille was no longer getting up at the crack o' dawn to drive some friends to the airport so she suggested to just pick Molly up in the morning. It was going to be a late night and I saw no need to disrupt Molly's sleep by getting her in the middle of it so that's what we did. N was way more wigged out by the concept. He was all sorts of nervous about bug's first night away from home. I honestly don't think Molly really noticed. She had only one nap in the middle of the afternoon and I was afraid she was going to be a little overly tired. She was. Lucille got her down after letting her fall asleep next to her in her bed and then Molly was out for almost 12 whole hours. Such a good girl. Now that we know it's not a big deal we're going to have to do this a lot more often. I'm sure Grandma Marsh would love to have Molly spend the night at her house.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh yeah, she's definitely mine...

Over the 4th of July weekend we took Molly swimming in her new swimsuit and matching hat.

I couldn't help but think I had seen this before... especially when I had Molly swimming towards me... then I remembered this shot:

She's definitely mine. No doubt about that.

pics 07/18 to 07/20/2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've seen this before but kim wanted proof. Here it is. I walked in and was greeted by a standing molly. ;)


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Saturday, July 12, 2008

9 Months Old

Miss Molly is now 9 months old and is crawling all over the place. She's also very good at pulling herself up on things and into a standing position. However, if you try to get her to recreate this for the camera she has absolutely no interest. Shocking, I know. Her vocabulary is also expanding. She calls me mum and N da da and has also identified her bottle by name (buh bah). She will pretty much mimic any sound you make and likes to be part of the conversation.

Molly still just has the two bottom teeth, but in the last week or so her top gums have been bothering her a lot so I wouldn't be too surprised if some new teeth showed up soon. Also in the last week or so Molly has decided to do away with her second nap. Apparently she just doesn't feel the need for it. This has caused her to put herself down earlier which means she's also waking up earlier. I am not a morning person. I'd much prefer getting a second nap in and having her stay up later so she would sleep in later. I don't like seeing 6 am unless I'm getting up to catch a plane to someplace exotic. Still, she usually sleeps 9 hours straight through so I really have no room to complain.

Since she only gained 1 pound between her 6 month and 9 month checkups she actually stayed in her 12 month clothing for a pretty long stretch. Right now the 12 month and 12 to 18 month clothes are a hit or a miss on what will fit. Better luck fitting in them when she's in disposables since her cotton diaper booty is so damn big, but she actually wore clothes for more than a month which was rather shocking. The 18 month, 18-24 month, and 2T clothing is her best bet for a good fit.

Molly's favorite toy is probably her Fisher Price Little People farm house. There are just enough sounds to keep her occupied for a good stretch. She's actually quite content to sit and play as long as she can look up and see you. This gives me an opportunity to get some stuff done in her room. She's not quite as content when you put her in her play pen. She's ok as long as she can see you, but she tends to tire of this a lot faster. Pretty much the only time I really have to get stuff done around the house is when she's napping. With that second nap gone I'm definitely falling behind.

Molly has also figured out crying just doesn't work on us so she's escalated to the full on screaming at the top of her lungs when she's not happy. Molly has lung power. This screaming is really loud. To the point that you can't hear yourself think. She's done this a few times in the middle of the night when her teeth have really been bothering her. She's just crawling out of her own skin and it takes a bit (and some drugs) to calm her down. However, we've realized she doesn't always use this tactic when she's in pain. If I pick her up and she immediately quiets down the screaming was due to the fact that she just wants to hang out and that's when we let her cry it out. It's taking longer and longer, but eventually she'll pass out. We're still pretty lucky though. Most nights she'll start rubbing her eyes and and will roll over and pass out on her own after some boob time or bottle. Sometimes you get a screaming match when you prep her for bed time (change into pjs, change of diaper, etc.). Which makes things a little hair raising (she's *really* loud), but once she has her last meal she's usually pretty content to go to bed.

All in all Molly is a pretty chill baby that is usually content being dragged anywhere. As long as you respect the fact that when she's done, she's done. She's very interested in her surroundings and can be quite focused when trying to figure something out. She's a smart little cookie, that's for sure. If you try to get her to wave bye bye when no one is actually leaving she'll look at you like you're crazy. Not really all that surprising she already has a little attitude... I mean just look at her dad. :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

9 month doc visit

Miss Molly was 21 lbs 9 oz, 29 inches long, and her noggin was 46 cm. She was right around the 95th percentile mark on all counts. We were a little surprised at her weight. We both expected her to weigh a few pounds more. She only gained one pound since her 6 month check up and prior to that she was gaining an average of 2 pounds per month. Looking at the chart this is around the time the insane growth spurts tend to taper off. She's still on the high end and since she always has been everything is perfectly normal.

Molly got one shot in her leg (polio immunization) and one needle prick in her big toe (test for iron deficiency). I think they were testing her hemoglobin levels for the iron test. Whatever the case was the normal level is around 11 and Molly's results were 31/32 so she's totally fine there. She didn't really seem bothered by either needle. She was by far more interested in all the stuff the nurse was using than any actual pain she might have felt.

Our normal doc was in the other office so we had a new doc. She was a little concerned with the patches on Molly's cheeks. She thinks this is probably more than just irritation from the extra drool her new teeth has caused and suspects it might be an allergic reaction. We got a prescription for some hydrocortisone cream and were reminded to follow the 4 day rule before trying any new foods. The doc also reminded us to use plenty of lotion and keep Molly's skin moisturized. I had her repeat this in front of N as this has been a particular "discussion" between us. N accuses me of lathering up Molly when she doesn't need to be and that all the lotion is doing is robbing her skin of its natural oils. This coming from the man that uses a facial lotion that costs 3 times as much as mine for half as many ounces. I try to remind him that the doc has always told us to use lotion on her and keep her skin moisturized and he thinks I'm smoking crack. So I made sure he heard the doc loud and clear. I was right, he was wrong. And you can bet your sweet ass I had N say that too!

9 month checkup

21lb 9oz. 95th percentile or higher on all counts... one shot, one toe-prick... zero crying. She rocks.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

pics 07/04 to 07/06/2008

pics 06/27 to 07/02/2008

Catching our breath

We've had a busy weekend. Had everyone over for tv night on Thursday. Logan was asleep when he arrived so we put him into Molly's travel bed (think mini-me pup tent) and then put Molly down about an hour later. She went down without any issues and both kids were able to sleep until Logan went home for the night. I'd call that a major success!

On Friday we had everyone over for a 4th of July bbq. Everyone got some swing time in (memo to self: check weight limit on swing before Jamie comes over again). There was a ton of great food and Grandma Marsh and Hickson were able to visit with all the little ones. Once the majority of folks left we decided to stay in and skip the fireworks since Molly was getting tired. She went to bed around 9 and the fireworks started up around 9:30. The adults enjoyed a movie projected onto the side of the house while sitting in the hot tub as Molly slept soundly in her room. Good to know this doesn't wake her up as the hot tub is right outside her bedroom window.

Saturday was another busy day. N took Molly on a jog in her jogging stroller which caused her to pass out for her morning nap. Then that afternoon we headed over to Amy & Dean's house where Molly was able to spend some time with twin boys that are just about to turn 2. Molly was more interested in Amy's stairs and toy box than the older men. We hit the pool, which Molly loved, and headed back for dinner. Molly's second nap was basically in the car on the drive down so she was starting to get really tired and cranky. She passed out on the drive back home and slept for almost 12 hours. I think she's going through another growth spurt.

Today we headed up to Oakland with Grandma and Grandpa Marsh to visit Aunt Tracey for brunch. Then we had another bbq for Grandma Hickson as her birthday was on the 1st. Molly just had a bath and is currently playing with her Fisher Price Little People farm house with her dad. Well, dad hasn't moved for a few minutes so dad might be napping.

Molly is crawling all over the place now and pulling herself up on everything. Hence the lack of posts these last few weeks. I know pictures and video are the priority so I try to get those up when I can. Have some from this weekend that I will try to get up later tonight when Molly goes to bed. Just wanted to take advantage of the few minutes of downtime and bring everyone up to speed on what we've been up to.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sorry it's so dark. She's been pulling herself up on stuff for a while now, but this time the camera was nearby so I tried to capture it on film real quick. Didn't have a chance to set up the proper lighting. This is really for the grandmas.

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