Saturday, July 26, 2008

first sleepover

Last night I headed up to Lucille's to drop off Molly since we had plans with some friends for the evening. Well, Lucille was no longer getting up at the crack o' dawn to drive some friends to the airport so she suggested to just pick Molly up in the morning. It was going to be a late night and I saw no need to disrupt Molly's sleep by getting her in the middle of it so that's what we did. N was way more wigged out by the concept. He was all sorts of nervous about bug's first night away from home. I honestly don't think Molly really noticed. She had only one nap in the middle of the afternoon and I was afraid she was going to be a little overly tired. She was. Lucille got her down after letting her fall asleep next to her in her bed and then Molly was out for almost 12 whole hours. Such a good girl. Now that we know it's not a big deal we're going to have to do this a lot more often. I'm sure Grandma Marsh would love to have Molly spend the night at her house.

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