Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Swim time at Granny's

Molly has made a friend with a little girl named Anna that lives in Granny's complex.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The lake wore them out…


So… yeah… Molly totally picked one of these yesterday before I saw these signs… whoops!

My favorite little cabin…

RIGHT on the water.  Too bad it's part of the Pope Estate and Tallac Historic Site.  I'd love to spend some time reading on that porch listening to the sounds of the lake.  

the lake with N

Chai vs the lake

Chai CAN swim, but she really REALLY does not like to. Crazy dog.

Quote of the day

We were driving back to the cabin and discussing our plans to hit the lake with the doggies…

Molly: Can I go swimming in the lake?
Me: Sure, but it might be too cold to go swimming.
Molly: I can test it first.
Me: Why don't you bring your bathing suit with you and then you can put it on under your dress if you want to go swimming.
Molly: So my dress will be like my own changing room?
Me: Yes, exactly.
Molly: You're such a good Tinker!

(For those of you that have no idea what that means -- Tinker talent)

Heavenly Gondola

I did say Molly made a note that the Gondola would be open today and she did not forget.  Before I knew it N had bought 3 tickets and we were heading up.  I didn't quite realize the price before we got on, but it was a done deal by the time I saw it on the tickets as we were already in our compartment heading up the hill.  

We stopped a few times on the way up and it was a rather warm day…

Lovely view at the lookout terrace and a nice cool breeze…

Hey!  There's snow down there!!!

Molly took this one: