Monday, May 5, 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter

One of the moms that worked in class today told me a great Molly story.  During exploration a bunch of yarn was out and got caught in another girl's hair clip.  Kids were walking past and pulling on the yarn which was attached to this girl's head.  The teacher is trying to get them to stay out of the area so she can address the situation.  During this chaos Molly calmly walks over to the scissors, grabs one, walks back over, and cuts the yarn about two feet away from the tangle.  Without saying a word she puts the scissors back and goes back to cleaning up her area.

There's a simple solution here folks.

Silent sarcasm. 

Yup!  That's my girl!

The mom told me she could see me doing the exact same thing…. although I'm sure I would have added some commentary. 

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