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Welcome to Molly TV

I created a portal that plays all the videos of molly, from start to finish. If you wanna kick back and watch the Molly Channel... here it is: http://molly.ihickson.net

Any time we add a new video, we'll post it here, as well as on the molly channel. I posted 2 videos today.

Friday, June 13, 2008

story from Grandma Marsh

My mom was over on Tuesday watching Molly in her room while I vacuumed the house. Molly was rolling around on the floor and of course she kept going over to the one exposed plug on the wall where the night light was plugged in so we put her super huge teddy bear in front of it. Out of sight, out of mind. Then she sees the trash bin. The first time she goes over to grab it my mom calls her name to get her attention and then tells her no. Molly moves along, but comes back to the trash can a minute later. Once again my mom calls her name and tells her no. Then the third time Molly goes over to the trash can, but this time she looks at my mom and shakes her head no rather than reaching for it. I've been telling her no since day one, nice to know it finally sunk in.

N is also chiming in that she'll shake her head no when he's feeding her solids if she's had enough or isn't interested. She's definitely more of a fan of the stuff she can pick up herself as opposed to the jar foods she has to be spoon fed. Cheerios are still her favorite. We have to give those to her last or she will pick them out and eat them all first.

She's also picked up "let go". Whenever she's on her changing table she immediately grabs for her blinds. I try to have them up, but sometimes they will still be down (or not as high up as they need to be even though it was fine at that height just the day before) and she will grab them quickly. I'll tell her to let go and she will. Pretty much every time now too. I just need to make sure I don't start treating Molly like the dogs. I have to admit I have caught myself telling her to stay on more than one occasion.... like that ever works.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

8 months old!

Miss Molly is now 8 months old. As you can see from recent videos she is now crawling. I don't let her roam the hardwood floors at home so her practice time is still limited. She mainly scoots around her room at home on the quilt I have over her area rug or on carpet when visiting her grandmas. There's not as much open space in her room so she doesn't really get going, but I'm ok with that. You can see her try and stand up as opposed to crawl so I know it's only a matter of time before my entire day is going to be spent chasing her around. As long as she's still content to sit and play with a toy I'm not going to push it. It will happen soon enough.

One thing I haven't been able to catch on video is her ability to get herself into a sitting position. She's actually been doing it for quite some time now, but whenever I pull out the camera to catch it she just lays on her back and looks at me. Little stinker! Molly can go from on her back to her side to sitting and then back again no problem. She hasn't started pulling herself up on furniture yet, be you can see her try to get up on her feet from the crawling position and then topple over. Once she figures out to use furniture as an assist it will only be a matter of time before she's walking. Poor dogs! I can see tails being used as "helpers" in the not so distant future.

No more new teeth yet, but the bottom two are coming in nicely. There have been a few times where she wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, but nothing too bad. The one downside to this whole teething thing is the red splotchy patches on her cheeks and chin. Her drool is really irritating her and I've been putting petroleum jelly on before she goes to bed (which helps a little), but nothing seems to make it go away completely. I hope her silky smooth cheeks aren't gone for good.

Molly is pretty good with the waving goodbye. She takes a minute, but eventually will wave back. She's actually pretty good at imitating anything you teach her if she has enough time to study it and think it through. Of course it's usually the second you give up and turn your back that she'll do it, but hey... isn't that always the case?

Swim lessons have been great. This past week we were the only ones in class so she got some private lessons in. The one thing we're trying to get her to do is blow bubbles. This will help prevent her from swallowing a bunch of water when she goes under. She watches the instructor intently and a few times she has dipped her mouth into the water and blown a raspberry, but it's still something she's warming up to. However, she is completely comfortable in the water and has no problem going from her stomach to her back to having her ears under water to going completely under water. She might cough and sputter a bit if she swallows some water, but never upset.

We've also both agreed that Molly's first word is mum. She has greeted me with an excited mum on several occasions when I've walked into the room so it's been said in context. She's been doing the mum mum mum chant for a while now, but now it's definitely for me (as she swings her head around looking for me). When N goes in to check on her at night if she's fussing she'll call out for me and look around at every little sound to see if I'm coming. Since I do spend the most time with her she has been turning into a bit of a mama's girl. We've tried to nip this in the bud, but sometimes if I can get her down easy I'll do that as opposed to the hard way. Usually this happens if we're out and about (or up at the cabin with a little one in the room next door). If we're home we'll let her cry it out and deal. Tough love baby, tough love.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fixed post

I just realized that the post down below with the picture of Molly kissing herself in the sun mirror had you going to the wrong gallery if you clicked on the link with the date range. If you clicked on the photo you were fine, but the link below took you to the previous post's gallery. All fixed now. Click here if you missed the pics from our last Tahoe visit (or don't feel like scrolling down).

pics 06/03 to 06/10/2008

booster seat, potential retirement

So far we've been putting Molly in her booster seat and moving it around as needed. Last night I had her sitting in it in the middle of the dining room table while I ate dinner and she started scootin'... backwards... not good. Time to get a stool and use the straps it came with and strap her down!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Molly crawls!

Molly finally gets moving forward on her hands and knees. She's been mobile for a while now, but this is crawling in the traditional sense (on hands and knees and going forward). Ignore the conversation about carpet cleaners in the background.

Note - Molly first rolled over when we visited Uncle Kyle. Now she crawls while Uncle Kyle visits. Next time, walking! The pressure is on.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

first bruise

Miss Molly has her first noticeable bruise on her noggin. Yesterday she was on the changing table doing her lovely trick of flipping over on her stomach and crawling backwards down the changing pad knocking over everything stored at the end of the table. After a couple times of trying to flip her back over so I could get her cotton diaper on (if you don't get it right the first time you have to start all over) I gave up and let her crawl. Of course she immediately changes course and makes a turn and her booty is coming right towards me. I immediately push her back onto the table and her head bonks into the wooden frame around the top of her changing table. She's quiet for a second and then starts to wail. Poor little one had a nice red welt where her head hit the wood. There's a bruise (it's faint, but I can see it clear as day) today and I know it's the first of many, but I still feel bad for being a contributing factor. She's bonked her head plenty (sitting upright, scootin', crawling, pulling herself up, etc. all leads to head bonks), but this is the first time there's been a lasting mark. First of many.

swim lesson

Molly had another swim lesson today and we were trying to get her to "dive" into the pool by following a toy in. She did it just fine the first few times then quickly lost interest. When the instructor and I tried to lure her in with a toy she would lean forward until she started to lose her balance (which would lead to the "dive" into the pool) and then pull herself back and try to reach over and grab one of the other toys sitting on the edge of the pool. She's no dummy.

Another trick they want her to learn is to blow bubbles (this will help prevent her from swallowing a bunch of water when she goes under the surface). Molly watched intently as the instructor blew bubbles until she was blue in the face. Then, just as the instructor turns away to go to the next kid, she leans forward and tries to blow. Apparently she doesn't want an audience. Or she's stubborn.... like her daddy. You decide.

weekend in Tahoe

I just posted the gallery from our weekend in Tahoe with the Jodoins. There are some great shots of the little ones playing plus some pretty priceless shots of Molly making out with herself in the mirror (you can see the thumbnail below). Weekend was nice and relaxing. N broke in his baby sherpa backpack with two hikes. Molly doesn't have any problems being in it. She's very mellow and just looks around and takes in the scenery. Pretty much the same way she is when she's in her stroller.

We headed to the casinos on Sunday to take in a buffet (not normally a fan, but I wanted to expose Molly to some new foods). She seemed to enjoy the cantaloupe, but spit out the honeydew melon. She was also a fan of the bourbon glazed ham and roasted turkey. In a shocking turn of events she loved mac n' cheese. I think she was a little overwhelmed by the variety presented to her because she started to lose interest and wanted some boob time. She had to settle for a bottle. So far the teeth haven't proven to be an issue with her boob time, but I'm definitely a lot more aware of every little tug she gives me now wondering if there is going to be some bite behind it.

pics 05/31 to 06/02/2008