Wednesday, June 4, 2008

swim lesson

Molly had another swim lesson today and we were trying to get her to "dive" into the pool by following a toy in. She did it just fine the first few times then quickly lost interest. When the instructor and I tried to lure her in with a toy she would lean forward until she started to lose her balance (which would lead to the "dive" into the pool) and then pull herself back and try to reach over and grab one of the other toys sitting on the edge of the pool. She's no dummy.

Another trick they want her to learn is to blow bubbles (this will help prevent her from swallowing a bunch of water when she goes under the surface). Molly watched intently as the instructor blew bubbles until she was blue in the face. Then, just as the instructor turns away to go to the next kid, she leans forward and tries to blow. Apparently she doesn't want an audience. Or she's stubborn.... like her daddy. You decide.

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