Wednesday, June 4, 2008

weekend in Tahoe

I just posted the gallery from our weekend in Tahoe with the Jodoins. There are some great shots of the little ones playing plus some pretty priceless shots of Molly making out with herself in the mirror (you can see the thumbnail below). Weekend was nice and relaxing. N broke in his baby sherpa backpack with two hikes. Molly doesn't have any problems being in it. She's very mellow and just looks around and takes in the scenery. Pretty much the same way she is when she's in her stroller.

We headed to the casinos on Sunday to take in a buffet (not normally a fan, but I wanted to expose Molly to some new foods). She seemed to enjoy the cantaloupe, but spit out the honeydew melon. She was also a fan of the bourbon glazed ham and roasted turkey. In a shocking turn of events she loved mac n' cheese. I think she was a little overwhelmed by the variety presented to her because she started to lose interest and wanted some boob time. She had to settle for a bottle. So far the teeth haven't proven to be an issue with her boob time, but I'm definitely a lot more aware of every little tug she gives me now wondering if there is going to be some bite behind it.

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