Friday, June 13, 2008

story from Grandma Marsh

My mom was over on Tuesday watching Molly in her room while I vacuumed the house. Molly was rolling around on the floor and of course she kept going over to the one exposed plug on the wall where the night light was plugged in so we put her super huge teddy bear in front of it. Out of sight, out of mind. Then she sees the trash bin. The first time she goes over to grab it my mom calls her name to get her attention and then tells her no. Molly moves along, but comes back to the trash can a minute later. Once again my mom calls her name and tells her no. Then the third time Molly goes over to the trash can, but this time she looks at my mom and shakes her head no rather than reaching for it. I've been telling her no since day one, nice to know it finally sunk in.

N is also chiming in that she'll shake her head no when he's feeding her solids if she's had enough or isn't interested. She's definitely more of a fan of the stuff she can pick up herself as opposed to the jar foods she has to be spoon fed. Cheerios are still her favorite. We have to give those to her last or she will pick them out and eat them all first.

She's also picked up "let go". Whenever she's on her changing table she immediately grabs for her blinds. I try to have them up, but sometimes they will still be down (or not as high up as they need to be even though it was fine at that height just the day before) and she will grab them quickly. I'll tell her to let go and she will. Pretty much every time now too. I just need to make sure I don't start treating Molly like the dogs. I have to admit I have caught myself telling her to stay on more than one occasion.... like that ever works.

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