Thursday, August 28, 2008

Santa Barbara

We drove down to Santa Barbara yesterday so we could spend the long weekend with Uncle Kyle and also see UCSB alumnus Jack Johnson play at Harder Stadium last night. Kyle's mom was very kind and offered to watch Molly for us. Was very nice to get out and see some live music as it's been far too long. Kids under 2 were free, but after a day in the car I knew that would have been asking for trouble. Plus, I know there was no way we'd be able to keep earplugs *in* or headphones *on* Miss Molly and I would definitely have been concerned about the noise even if it was an outdoor venue. I did see a few other kids there. Mostly of the running around variety. There was one little guy probably around 8 months (or older, I never know how to judge accurately since my basis for comparison is Molly and she is always guessed at much older than she actually is) that had on a pair of little kid headphones (over the entire ear). Dad was constantly in a dance with the boy to keep them on. Wonder how long that lasted?

Campus has sure changed a lot in the 10 years since I was a student. There are a ton of new buildings and a lot of construction going on. Might have to take a stroll around with Miss Molly at some point so I can really see how much has changed. Started the day out right with a Blenders (hee hee sorry Bree, want me to bring you back one?) and plan on heading downtown for some shopping once Miss Molly wakes up from her morning nap. The fog monster came in last night and hasn't shown any signs of leaving us. Then again downtown always tends to be sunny regardless of the weather up here by campus.

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