Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Best Dad Ever

It was suggested to us yesterday to try the every other method (one meal boob, next meal bottle) now that I can pump. So that's just what we did last night. I went to bed first and N stayed up to do the next feeding. I did the next one and he got up to do the one after that. I actually feel rested. Much easier to get up once during the night and then again for the morning feeding. Love that N wants to feed her so much. Gave me a chance to escape the Mommy Zombie zone for a bit.

Molly is chilling next to me... drifting in and out of sleep. I got a great personal breastfeeding one on one yesterday (Thanks Bev!) and I feel all the pointers helped a lot! It was great to get some specific pointers to our situation and not just breastfeeding in general. I feel like Molly is getting a meal now instead of just a snack. She's definitely sleeping more between feedings and just seems more content.

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