Saturday, October 13, 2007

First 24 hours.

Wow, what a ride. So Molly made poopies inside mommy prior to birth, and apparently it was plentiful and thick. We were only a week late, but the doctors said that they hadn't seen it quite that bad since the 70's when it was common to let pregnancies go 3 weeks late. The crappy part (hehehehe) was that they had to immediately pounce on her with all sorts of suction and tubes to vacuumed out the myconium (poop) before she inhaled it. It was very stressful to watch. She actually didn't move much for the first 45 seconds, but then woke up and started making sounds and flailing.

We went to the infirmary where I spent the next 2 hours helping the nurses work on Molly. I had to leave Kim in the hands of her doctor to sew up a small tear inside... but no external tears, which is good. In the infirmary we weighed, measured, bathed, vaccinated, cleaned, tested, and verified everything about Molly. Many things were checked to ensure she didn't have any infections from the myconium.

We then went back to the room, and got to see the relatives. Around 7pm they moved us to a different room, much smaller. My lack of sleep and food was really catching up with me, so I called in a food delivery with some friends. The food really hit the spot, but by morning I was unable to function... bound to the bathroom, purging out of all side. After trying to sleep in the hospital and failing, we reluctantly decided it was best if I go home and get some emergency sleep then come back. I felt really sad leaving my newborn and Kim but it had to be done. Then when I couldn't leave the house again due to illness, I wasn't happy. I am feeling better now, and back at the hospital. Molly is cuter than ever. I am truly fully in love with my ladies... they are both AWESOME.

Still weak. Pictures will be up shortly. Gotta go relax with my girls.

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Mama Bree said...

We're so glad we got to meet Molly after just a few hrs old.... and, we can't wait to see her grow up!! :)