Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First doc appt.

I had literally just finished writing about her lack of poopy diapers on the questionnaire at the doctor's office when she decided to prove me wrong. We weren't too concerned considering how much meconium came out when she was born, but the timing today was pretty funny. N was more than a little grossed out by the whole thing. Everything checked out fine. We go back on the 26th for her next visit. She is down to 7lbs 10 oz, but that is completely normal in the beginning. She should be back up to her birth weight on the next visit. After the doc appt we decided to run an errand since she was out. Picked up a few more items we needed and she slept the entire time.

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Nathan said...

Okay, so yes it was gross... but I've done a majority of the diapers, and 100% of the poopy ones (two today)... so it obviously isn't THAT bad if I'm volunteering. ;) or I just rock.