Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We got up and headed out to the Exploratorium.  Molly was able to take light rail and street cars and had a great time with that.

Molly did her own hair into a bun and wanted me to take a pic:
 Little cloudy when we first headed out, but they burned off quickly.
 Ferry Building
 Bay Bridge
 Gorgeous SF day!
 Molly and Tracey checking out the trailer made entirely of skateboards:
 How to Ollie:
Rickshaw with periscope up top:
 Inside the rickshaw:
 Aunt Tracey scaled the skeleton down to Molly size:
Molly put her hair up in a side ponytail so you could tell which one she was:

Shadow box (Molly's favorite):


Ice cream!!!
Rooftop garden:
Heading back to the apartment:
On the train ride home... not even out of the city:

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