Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snowshoeing, day one

N took the dogs snowshoeing on Friday and Saturday (while it was overcast and snowing), but I decided to wait for my turn until Sunday when the forecast was for clear blue skies.

Our neighbors on the new property have taken to snowplowing our driveway for their snowmobile trailer.  Hey, nice easy packed down access to the trails as far as I'm concerned.

Stepped off trail and immediately sunk in to my knee.

Chai, attempting to do a crazy... powder was slowing her down.

Hey, burn that energy any way you see fit...

Sadie tends to stick to the nice packed down snowmobile trails.  

Look at how hard Chai is working... look at how hard Sadie is mocking her..

Have I mentioned Chai has an Uncle Daddy?

Ended up getting off trail to get away from snowmobiles and other dogs.  I sunk in almost up to my hip here:

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