Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa was good to us...

I was at Costco picking up a few last minute items when I spied this:

Now I had one when I was a kid and I LOVED it.  So I immediately picked it up and prayed Molly would understand just how freakin' awesome a Big Wheel is.  Of course I Facebook'd this auspicious moment and joked that they should come in parent/child sets.  N, being N, ran with this and immediately ordered me a Hillkicker Pro Adult Drift Big Wheel Adult Trike 2012.  He assembled them out in the garage and we set them up in front of the tree after Molly went to bed. 

Granted, she was more stoked about the $3.99 Jasmine doll I got for her at Target, but that's ok... she'll grow to appreciate the Big Wheel... I'm sure of it.

Unfortunately we got rained out on Christmas Day before we had a chance to do a lap around the block, but there is plenty of time for those shenanigans.

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