Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maui, day eight


Granny Marsh gave me two envelopes before we left (weeks before) and they had Halloween cards inside plus a little spending money.  The girls were super stoked on just the card… super duper stoked when they realized they had some spending money.

We hit the pool for a bit before heading down to Lahaina for a late lunch at the Cool Cat Cafe.  I was told this was the start of the Halloween parade, but it actually ended up being the end of the parade.  So we went against the flow of traffic on our way back to the car.  The girls were still able to trick or treat a bit and got their fix without having a ton of candy to deal with.

Molly's favorite part of Halloween is actually handing out the candy at home so we stopped by the store and picked up two bags on our way back to the hotel.  The girls handed candy out to hotel staff and guests.  Several people were a little confused at first that the girls wanted to GIVE them candy, but once they realized their intention they were super stoked.  Molly gave her last Kit Kat to the guy manning the grill at the pool side bar and she was handed a King Size Butterfinger in return.  Karma rules!

Carina and I had a little late night pool time with the girls while the guys did a little night snorkeling.  Chris was able to see bioluminescence for the first time and was very excited!

Here are some pics from the day:

All dressed up and ready to go!

Molly's solution to stairs...

Aww!  Cuteness!

I knew it was going to be hot, but I wanted to get something for N and I to dress in.  Superhero shirts with capes!

A little art time before the parade…

Pit stop at Ululani's...

Making friends…

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