Sunday, February 17, 2008

busy week

On Monday we drove back from Tahoe (always a sad thing) and got in a little late. On Tuesday Miss Molly had her 4 month checkup and 4 shots (poor girl). She was pretty angry when she was actually getting the shots, but seemed completely fine afterwards. We went out to Stacks for a late breakfast and she crashed out on the drive home. She woke up screaming about two hours later and we gave her some tylenol. Next time I think we're going to do that before hand. Doc said to only give it to her as needed, but the last two times she has konked out and woken up screaming so I think a little preemptive measure is the right idea.

N already posted all of Molly's stats. She's doing great on everything. Her motor skills are where they need to be to start in on some solids. Rice cereal to start and then on to veggies and fruits. Doc said since her weight is so good with just the breast milk we can hold off for another couple of weeks if we want. Main reasons to introduce rice cereal is to get your little one to sleep through the night or to supplement if your supply isn't keeping up. We're doing great on both fronts so I think we're going to hold off for a bit.

On Wednesday we headed down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium so Molly could see the all of the fishies! We had gone up to Hiro Sushi for all you can eat on Sunday to meet up with Nicole and Molly was very into their salt water tank. At first I thought the huge tanks might be a little overwhelming for Miss Molly, but as soon as a shiny fish went by her eyes followed it. We had several grandparents come up and tell us how well she was following and tracking things inside the tank and then I overheard more than one exclaim they should take their grandchild there. I should start up a referral program and see if I can score some free passes. After the aquarium we headed over to granny and grandpa Marsh's for dinner.

On Thursday we drove up to Mill Valley (other side of the Golden Gate) for Sadie's surgical consult. She has completely torn her left cruciate ligament (in her knee) and it looks like her right one has a partial tear. So we're going to schedule surgery on the left and then let her heal (8-10 weeks) and then see if she starts favoring her right. We want to get both knees done before she gets much older, but don't want them to be back to back. Since her left is by far the worse side she's been compensating with her right. Her muscles are visibly bigger on that side. This surgery is very common and once she's healed she can resume normal activity. Doc thinks that once her left side is no longer causing her pain she might start favoring her right since it's also damaged. Poor girl. I hate to think how long she's been living in pain thinking it's normal.

Friday was such a beautiful day we headed over Bree and Logan's for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Either spring has arrived early or global warming is getting the best of us because I was rather warm in just my t-shirt and jeans. Molly was hidden away in her stroller under both canopies, but the fresh air and motion was still able to knock her out. That night we met up with Julie and Jeff in Los Gatos for dinner. The first place we were going to try (Mediterranean place) didn't have a single soul inside so we decided to keep walking and ended up at a very yummy Vietnamese place. Unfortunately they either have new management or we just got a green employee because I was the only one to receive what I ordered. After a couple corrections everyone ended up enjoying what they got, even if it wasn't what they had originally intended on having.

Yesterday we headed up to the city (that's San Francisco for those of you not in the area) with Amy and Dustin who were in town for the weekend. Molly did great. Amy was able to get some shopping in while the boys picked up some highly necessary gear at a closing sale at some tech store. After the shopping we met up with some of Amy's friends and headed to Johnny Foley's Irish House for some beers and food. There were a couple other folks in there with strollers before you give me too much grief. Molly was konked out and slept through the entire meal. After our bill came my boobs gave me the signal they needed some relief so N and I headed to the family lounge at the near by mall. Unfortunately we had to wake Molly up, but momma needed some relief! Molly was awake for most of the ride home and was definitely ready to get out of her car seat. She was a little over stimulated last night, but not too fussy. Some boob time knocked her out. Gotta love the power of the boob.

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