Saturday, February 9, 2008

Greetings from Tahoe

It's been gorgeous up here these last few days. We arrived to lots of new snow, but the roads are nice and clear. Poor N spent hours snow plowing the driveway when we arrived and was still only able to make a pathway and enough of a dent to park the Yukon just off the street. The snow had been wet so it was very compacted and thus very hard to plow. It was waist high for most of the driveway, but sloped up to neck high on one side. N's been more than a little sore with all the shoveling he had to do. The staircase at the back of the garage leading up to the cabin was also covered in snow. N also had to dig out stairs on the side yard so the dogs would have some place to pee. When I'm standing out there with them my feet are about level with the bottom of the bedroom windows. The snow on the front deck is about 2/3 of the way up the kitchen window at it's high point. Lots of the street signs and stop signs are either partially buried or completely hidden. The temps have been creeping up into the 40's during the day which is just causing the snow to melt and compact even more.

We did a walk around the neighborhood yesterday with Molly (in her snow suit) and the dogs. Construction is still underway and several homes have already been completed. The snow definitely highlights how open everything is now. We need to get poor Molly some sunglasses since everything was so bright.

N took lots of pics so hopefully he'll be able to post a new gallery soon. I took some on my camera to tide you over.

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