Wednesday, February 6, 2008

follow up doc visit

We went back to the doctor's today to make sure Molly's cold didn't turn into anything worse and everything checked out ok. She's all better now and has the all clear to hang out with all of her friends again. Which turned out to be a good thing because we then headed to diaper day at the movies to meet up with Auntie Bree and cousin Logan. Diaper Days is put on at one of the local theatres with the intention of bringing your little one to the movies with you. They leave the lights on low and turn the volume down so it's kid friendly. There's a place to park your stroller in the lobby and you can bring car seats or carriers in with you. It worked out great. We were able to see Juno (which is one I've been wanting to see for a while). Molly was a little fussy as I tried to get her into the right position for some boob time, but once she had her fill she passed out for most of the movie.

N and I also had a lovely date night last night. We saw the latest Cirque du Soleil traveling performance Kooza under the big tent. We love all Cirque shows and this was no exception. I picked up a crazy color soft rattle for Molly in the gift shop and she loves it. It should also be noted that she tends to hold it in her left hand. I know her dad's hoping she's a southpaw just like him. Granny and Grandpa Marsh had a great time watching her. Molly has recently become acutely aware of her tongue and entertained her grandparents all evening by constantly sticking it out at them.

We're heading up to Tahoe again tonight for another long weekend. It's been snowing a lot since our last visit. Should be a good time.

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