Monday, February 25, 2008

first solid food

Last night we gave Molly her first dose of solid food. Well, as solid as you can get for an introductory food. It was rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Yummy. I'd guesstimate only 10% actually got all the way in, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. Molly was super excited about it too. She kept trying to make a nose dive into the dish so she could get more. In a shocking turn of events she's a good eater. N took a video of it all, but as you see from his post he left on a business trip today so it will be a while before we have that up here.

I also went to the doc today to see about my right wrist. It started bugging me back in my last trimester when I realized I was putting all my weight on my right hand in order to roll over in bed. I wore a wrist guard for a bit, but have been lazy about that since Miss Molly arrived. It started acting up again after I went back to Muay Thai. For some strange reasons power punches on the heavy bags caused problems. Doc thinks I have a serious case of tendonitis. He had me get a series of detailed hand xrays to make sure nothing is broken. He also ordered me a stronger wrist guard with more support around the thumb and reinforced with a steel bar so I won't put as much strain on my wrist. I go back in 10 days to make sure it's not getting worse. He's already threatened me with a hard cast if I'm not healing. Orders were to give it rest and keep weight off it.... ok... Molly will totally take care of herself now... yeah... right.

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