Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Holiday Weekend

We had a lovely long holiday weekend. It started Friday morning when Aunt Tracey flew into town. Molly and I picked her up from the airport and then met up with Granny and Grandpa Marsh at Stacks. We had a lovely breakfast and then headed to the park where Molly proceeded to tire Grandpa and Aunt Tracey out. We headed back to Granny and Grandpa's house for nap time. Molly went down first and Aunt Tracey and Grandpa followed. After nap time we had fun packing into the little side deck off Grandpa's den and let Molly run the show. We ordered pizza from Jake's and N finally showed up from work just before 7. We headed back home for Molly's bed time after a lovely day with the family.

On Saturday we met up with our friends Mo, Stacey, and their daughter Maya at a local park. We let the kids run around and play and when snack time was declared we decided to figure out our own lunch plans. It was warm out, but not too hot so we decided to sit out on the patio at lunch. However, we weren't quite finished with our meals when Molly decided she was done for the day and started asking for her car seat and to go home. Since we were eating outside and our car was right next to us N put Molly in her car seat and then opened up all the windows and doors. She played happily with her Woody and Bullseye (Toy Story) toys while the rest of us finished up lunch.

After nap time we headed over to the Jodoins for a BBQ. They recently purchased a pool cover and the water temp was a lovely 86 degrees. Everyone had a blast swimming and finally got out when the grill was fired up. We could chill and eat and keep an eye on the kids playing in the back yard which was great. We put Molly down at their house so the adults could enjoy some kid free time.

On Sunday we headed back to the Jodoins for some more pool time and to help them eat all the food we didn't get to on Saturday. Molly went down for a nice long nap, but unfortunately Robert wasn't feeling that well. When Molly finally woke up we put some fireworks on the tv and then headed home.

Monday morning Molly and I got up and headed out. We were going down to Big Basin to pick up Aunt Tracey from her camping trip with friends. There were 6 kids under 6 there so we thought we'd get there early and let Molly play while everyone packed up. The ride down had a little hiccup as Molly got sick in the car. The first part on Highway 9 was OK, but she popped a little bit into 236 (a MUCH windier road). I was going slow, but I should have been more careful as I used to get super car sick when I was younger too. Once I cleaned Molly up she was back to her normal chipper self, but I still waited a good 20 minutes before getting her back in the car. Her blanket took the brunt of it, but I still washed the car seat cover when we got home. First time I had to do that.... pretty good run I'd say.

Since we were closer to the camp site than home I decided to just keep going. I figured a shorter drive with a nice long break would be better than turning back. I rolled down all the windows and went slow... pulling over whenever a car came up behind us to let them pass. Molly was a little shy when we first arrived, but quickly warmed up. We got there just in time for breakfast and Molly ate quite a bit which was a relief. The kids played while the parents packed up and we took off just before 1:00. The drive back was uneventful. Molly told me she had to cough at one point so we pulled over and let her out for a bit just to make sure cough wasn't code for throwing up. She konked out as soon as we got back on Highway 9 and slept the rest of the drive home.

Unfortunately she woke up when we got home and then had a HUGE poopy diaper 10 minutes later that woke her all the way up. She never did fall back asleep, but spent the better part of the next two hours playing quietly in her room. Molly basically pulled every book she had off the shelf and said she was "reading" in bed. I drove Aunt Tracey to the airport and then Grandma Lucille and Papa J showed up. At that point I gave up and let Molly get up. Chris, Carina, and Temperence joined us and we had a lovely (and VERY filling) family style dinner at Maggiano's for Lucille's b.day.

It was a busy weekend, but a fun one.

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