Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree

This year I somehow managed to con N into putting up the tree. Oh, the drama. Here he is trying to find a "Made in China" stamp on the box so he can fully accuse me of trying to kill him with lead poisoning.

Then when I tell him he needs to "fluff" out the tree branches to fill things in he tries to get Molly to do it for him!

Apparently that whole lead poisoning concern was no longer an issue now that he was getting his own daughter to do his dirty work. After some dramatic coughing fits because of all the dust and LOTS of bitching, he finally did get the tree up. I got the lights on and Molly helped me out with the decorations. Mainly telling me where to put everything.

Now every morning Molly asks me to turn on the lights for HER tree. I've showed her how to do it, but she likes to stand right in front of the tree when they are turned on. She also makes me turn them off whenever we leave the house. At first I thought it was cute, my daughter was being all green and conserving energy. Then yesterday Molly and I were leaving the house, but daddy was still here and she still insisted I turn off the xmas tree lights. Apparently if Molly is not there to enjoy the tree NO ONE can.

For the rest of the pics click here.

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