Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fantasy Faire

Earlier this month the Los Gatos Parents Nursery School put on a Fantasy Faire. As soon as I saw that they had pony rides I knew we'd be attending. We headed over right when it started and met up with Chris, Carina, and Temperence. First up, PONY RIDES!

"Mommy, you go THAT way! I'll just ride this pony back to our house thank you very much."

She could have done this all day long.

Molly telling Temperence something very important, I'm sure.

Being very gentle with the bunnies:

I told Molly to pet the birdies with two fingers thinking this would make her less likely to grab them. It worked! The peacock started to follow Molly around when the other kids would grab at him.

Saying hello to the other birdies.

Too cool for school.

Chris, Carina, and Temperence took off for nap time and we had a quick snack break before Logan and Bree showed up.

Robert and Connor also showed up with Jenn and their B-Ma. I think the boys are dancing... maybe?

Second pony ride of the day. This time she told me to stay put while she did laps.

I have a sneaking suspicion Molly was trying to negotiate another lap.

When your kid uses a parachute as a blanket it's time to head home.

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