Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I got a healthy dose of parenting tonight... ;)

I'm translating slightly so that adults understand 4-year-Molly-speak...

Molly says "ooh! daddy, go inside the house and find my Rapunsel doll, I'll go inside and get the Eugene Doll."

I said: "do you know where they are?, can you get them both inside?..."

Molly responds: "no daddy, don't make me ask again, I'm getting Eugene, you are finding Rapunsel..."

I plea: "but, I don't know where she is?!"

Molly says: "I don't know where she is either, that's for you to do, go now before I get angry."

She's 4...

I'm totally screwed, but loving every second.

Love, Molly's Dad (the servant)