Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tahoe with the Silvestris

We went up to the cabin over New Years and our friends the Silvestris joined us. Unfortunately there was absolutely no snow on the ground. The temps were creeping up towards the 60's (!) and it felt like early fall. So, we don't have the requisite yearly pic of Molly standing in the snow and staring at the camera... followed closely by the pic of her standing in the snow screaming at the camera. Who knows... maybe this would have been the year she decided to like snow? It was a bummer as Leo's a New Years Day baby and his birthday wish was to play with Molly in the snow. Maybe next year buddy.

N is definitely IN for the night.

Chai, how many times do I have to say, "You're gonna lose an eye!" before it sinks in?!?

Molly and Leo saying hello.

Birthday Pirate... Arg!

Molly helping Leo open his birthday present from her.

Birthday cupcakes!

For the rest of the pics click here.

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