Friday, November 15, 2013

Movie Night at school

One of the jobs I have at Molly's school is Social, Celebration & Event Coordinator.  Teacher Katie recently finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the class and they LOVED it.  I got permission from the office staff to set up a movie night at the school.

First up, I made Wonka Bars:

One of the Wonka Bars had a Golden Ticket inside.  That lucky kid won a copy of the movie (the 1971 Gene Wilder version).  Of course as soon as I opened the box to hand them out one of the older brothers chimed in with, "Hey! Those are Hershey bars." Cut me some slack kid!

I picked up pizza from a local family run place (Legend's Pizza) per recommendation from one of the moms.  They were great and gave me a discount.  Plus they filled out some frequent diner cards and I have a free pizza coming my way.

I told the kids to come in their PJs so they would be all ready for bed when they got home.  Next time I would suggest pillows along with the blankets they brought.  Plus, camping chairs for the parents as the office chairs got a little stiff about halfway through.

Everyone had a great time and several kids wanted to know why they couldn't spend the night.

Where's Molly?  Oh, playing with the younger sister of a class mate of course!

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