Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the spoiled generation

I picked up a loaner car today while mine is having all of the accessories installed.  Since it is locked from pairing with any new phones we've had to listen to *gasp* the radio.  On the way home from school today this happened:

Molly: What's that sound?
Me: What sound?
Molly: The beep beep beep sound.
Me: That's the radio dear… it's called a commercial.
Molly: Make it stop.

Yup, my darling dear princess child has been forced to listen to the radio… and *gasp* COMMERCIALS!!!  In the Subaru I didn't get very many stations because the antenna was in the back windshield and most came in a bit static-y.  Plus I always preferred to listen to my own music so N hooked me up with a cable and Molly has really only listened to music in my car off my phone and from her play list.

The spoiled generation indeed.

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