Thursday, December 13, 2007

2 month checkup

Molly went in for her 2 month checkup today. She weighed in just shy of 13 lbs at 12 lbs 14.5 oz. They measured her length at 24 inches, but I still think she's 25 (that's the measurement I got on her tummy time mat). They didn't pull her legs all the way straight and I think they rounded down. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Her head measurement was 41 (I think, they always say this one so quick). She was still in the 95-97th percentile for all measurements so she's doing great. Doc is very impressed she is still being only breast fed considering her growth (one of the nurses thought this was her 4 month checkup). I did tell her I broke down and did formula one day and she said it would be fine to do a bottle every day. I'm still going to try and pump as much as I can to avoid that. Right now I have 6 whole bottles in the fridge. Not all of them are full, but most of them are so I say that's a victory. It's probably been a month or so since I've had this many bottles in the fridge.

Unfortunately I've been sick most of the week, but the upside is Molly hasn't shown any signs. Although today the poor girl had 4 shots (two in each thigh) and has been pretty pissed off as a result. Her lungs are nice and developed and she let the whole world know she wasn't happy. If you heard screaming around noon Pacific time that was her.

Molly has been more and more successful at getting her thumb in her mouth. I swear she glares at me when I pop it back out. She still needs to work on the angle though as she tends to stick it straight up into the roof of her mouth and gags on it. However, this is not exactly a trick I want her to get the hang of. For the most part she just sucks on her hands when she's hungry which is pretty much all the time. We call this "yummy fist" and know that's our warning to get a boob or a bottle ready ASAP!

Molly still sleeps through the night for a good 8-9 hours if she gets a good feed in before she konks out. If she's had a long day she sometimes passes out before she's had a chance to get enough in her belly. These nights she'll sleep around 6 hours, but I can usually change her and feed her and get her back into bed within 30 minutes and then she'll sleep another 4. That doesn't happen too often, maybe once a week. If only my boobs could last as long I'd be getting a good night's sleep every night.

Molly's absolute favorite thing is to be naked on her changing table. As soon as you take the diaper off she's happy and chatty and quite content to stay that way. Once her coordination gets better I have a feeling we're going to need to invest in the snap lock diaper cover since she'll most likely want them off all the time.

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