Monday, December 3, 2007

growing like a weed

I have been retiring clothes left and right since Miss Molly turned 1 month old. Pretty much anything that says Newborn or 0-3 months has been retired at this point (she was 7 weeks on Friday). Due to baby clothes and their sizing not making *any* sense whatsoever it's a hit or a miss on the 3 month and 3-6 month clothing. Some fit and some are too short. I'm finding 6 month and 6-9 month clothing to be a great length, but there's a little too much fabric around her neck so she tends to catch it in her mouth when in her swing chair or car seat and drool.

She also got her thumb in her mouth the week before Thanksgiving and has been trying to get it back in ever since. I'm hoping she doesn't get the hang of it any time soon since that will be a hard habit to break. Right now she seems pretty content sucking and smacking on her hands. Not really a fan of the pacifier. She'll take it for a little bit every now and then, but she puts her hands out to see if a bottle with milk is attached and will spit it out once she realizes there is no food behind it. She's also learned all of our tricks (sucking on our finger, nose, etc) and tends to stick out her tongue to tastes things before sucking on them. There's no tricking little miss hungry piggy... when she wants food she will not be deterred!

She's still eating a ton. I am lucky if I can pump in the morning because she pretty much eats all day long. I broke down and gave her some formula last week after a marathon 2 and a half hour eating session (she had also gone through everything in storage) and she was still hungry! She wasn't really a fan. She took it, but she looked very despondent when she was done. However, that little break allowed me to get my supply back up and I haven't had to give her any since. Still, it would be nice to pump more and get a little ahead of the game so N can give her more bottles and I can have a longer break. I feel like she eats an hour for every hour she's not on the boob. There's a reason she's fitting into 6 month clothing!

In a shocking turn of events, she's a talker! I don't know *where* she gets that from. Once she's changed she likes hanging out nekkid on her changing mat chatting up a storm. She also talks to herself in her swing chair. We've had a few smiles, but they mostly occur once she's eaten and is milk drunk and drifting off to sleep. Haven't had a smile in reaction to anything yet, but hopefully it will happen soon.

N finally got the software update he needed to edit videos with Leopard so harass him into posting more videos!

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